This post will help install Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 on Windows 7 and Windows 10 using WAMP Server and Acquia DevDesktop.

How to Install Drupal 8.2.7 on Windows: WAMP server On windows 7, I am using WAMP server, to create database and username I am phpMyAdmin. Download Drupal the latest version and then install it. Be patient while installing it. It takes time.



Get Latest Drupal –

Install XAMPP Server

I assume that you have already install XAMPP or WAMP server on Windows. Installing Drupal is easy now ever before, if you are trying to install the latest version of Drupal. You might have to enable opcache on Windows with XAMPP and WAMP server but don’t worry, I have got you covered here.

Remember I have got videos below If get struck, you can always play video below this section.

  1. Download Latest Drupal from here
  2. Unzip the Drupal download
  3. Open htdocs folder from xampp/wampp folder in C drive
  4. Copy and Paste extracted Drupal into htdocs
  5. Rename the Drupal folder in htdocs
  6. Launch browser, go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin in browser tab
  7. Create a database for Drupal installation
  8. Open https://localhost/Drupal_folder_name in a new browser tag
  9. Click ‘Let’s go’
  10. Fill the database credentials (db name, root, and no password)
  11. Create your admin profile
  12. Click Install
  13. Login to Drupal admin area/dashboard at localhost/Drupal_folder_name/user
  14. Enter your admin username and password, and click LOGIN

Install Drupal Using WAMP Server

Install Drupal 8.7 on Windows 10

This is best and most preferred way to install drupal 8 and 9 on Windows 10 and MacOS. I am going to use Acquia DevDesktop for drupal installation on my Windows 10 desktop. The only reason I use Acquia DevDesktop is that it is built and optimized for Drupal development and it also gives other flavors of drupal to try and learn.

Drupal 8 Installation on Windows 10

Try Drupal 9 on Windows 10

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