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How to Promote ClickBank Products

So, you just signed up for clickbank and now you want to promote the clickbank products to make money online. There are multiple ways to promote clickbank products on the web, But you want to promote it in a way that looks and sounds genuine, trustworthy and compelling to the buyers. If you really want to make sales you will have to conduct research to find where your buyers are and then you will have to think strategically about how you can promote your clickbank products to them and convert them into buyers.

I am assuming that you’re promoting clickbank products to make sales so that you can get commission from the vendor you are promoting. Remember creating a clickbank account with catchy and easy-going username will favour you, choosing a right and rising product will convert quickly and more. 

Before you finalize a clickbank product to promote, check its gravity, initial selling value and rebilling percentage and amount. You also want to make sure that the product landing page is well optimised for conversion, you definitely want to have a sales video on the landing page that you want to promote.

Promote Through the Right Content Medium

To promote clickbank products you will have to create content and content can be created in multiple formats like text, video, images and mp3. Which requires you to be knowledgeable about the product or you need to be good at research or you have a team of content creators.

  1. Text content is easiest way to get started promoting CB products
  2. The other way to promote your product is through videos – you can creative videos yourself or you can hire somebody to create the video for you about the product that you want to promote and then you can share it on all the video sharing platforms or promote
  3. The third way to promote clickbank products through images – To create images you will have to make sure that your images are shareable that must have an infographics touch for some latest information that you can share through images on the social media channels and promote your products.
  4. The fourth way people are promoting products is through podcasts – so if you have a connection with  post cast channels in that particular niche that you are in, check with them if they want to interview you on their show.

No matter how you are going to promote your clickbank products, You will have to make sure that your content is unique and through trustworthy sources.  just think about yourself how you make purchases offline and online; you go to your favourite shop or supermarket or you go to your favourite online store to make purchases for yourself and your family.

All I’m trying to say is if you just are spamming the web and not getting the sales then you are wasting your time. 

Know Your Target Audience

Once you finalize your clickbank product to promote, now you should focus on figuring out who is going to buy.  You will have to categorise your audience and get to know about them to create a persona. 

You want to know their age group, their lifestyle, their pain point and why will they buy this product. 

You definitely want to make a list of all these things.

Know Your Target Audience Social Channel

I know everybody is on Facebook and YouTube. But where are they engaging, communicating, talking about such products that you want to promote. 

Look if your target audience is teenagers then you want to promote your product on Instagram TikTok and YouTube.

If your audience is busy and working class then you want to create text based content and promote it on relevant blogs and websites. 

If your audience is logical then they are hanging on Twitter and online forums like reddit. 

If your audience is women and housewives then they are probably on Pinterest.

I guess you get the idea, so you have to make sure that you are promoting your clickbank product through the right online channel to reach your target audience. 

Finalize Promotion Channel and Scale

Alright! so, I assume that you have already finalized your channel to promote  the clickbank product and you have started promoting it and getting a few sales.

Once you have gotten one or two sales through a particular social channel, now it’s time to scale it and then try other social channels and then scale them as well.

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