Needless to say that the world is looking at India and expecting it to deliver better tomorrow than China did. 

Delivering better tomorrow to the world seems to be unrealistic keeping the current context in mind but it’s not impossible if our leaders can imagine it and conceive that very idea to deliver it utilizing our strengths and weaknesses. India is the taskmaster, But we need to improve in order to produce and construct what the people of the world need. 

This seems to be unrealistic but the world knows that India is capable of delivering the global talent, Indians around the World head the fortune 500 companies. This clearly tells that our political will and goal has not been in this direction. 

This seems to be the right time to introspect our strength and mobilize the institutions that have been delivering the pool of global talent to the world but this time, the government must force these institutions to deliver a set of even more talented people to this very nation. 

I’m talking about the most prestigious institutions like IITs, this is high time to invest in our IITs and make them capable of designing new products for this new world. 

Our IITs must be converted into Research and Development (R&D) centres. This will give a clear message to the world that India is ready to take up this challenge and ready to produce the next generation of engineers.

On the other hand I can see many state governments are playing a very good role in making our students go beyond the traditional education syllabus and at the same time training them to become thinkers, innovators and problem solvers.

So that can be a cheat at the state level, I also think and believe that this is a right time to make constructive reforms in our education system.