How to Download & Install Java JDK 13 on Windows 10

Download Java JDK 13

Launch your favorite internet browser, I am going to use Google Chrome to download Java JDK 14 from the following download link.

Click JDK Download (JDK 13) Button

JDK 13 Download Button

Now, scroll down, check “license agreement” radio button, and click the 2nd last Windows 64 bit exe file download link.

JDK 13 checksum

Let the download begin and wait until it completes the download. Once it is downloaded, locate the downloaded jdk exe compiled package and right click on it and open it.

Install JDK 13

Now, go with all the positive option like; allow, yes, next, install, finish.

Upon successful Java JDK 13 installation, you should get a successful installation window, now you can click finish.

Launch windows command prompt and run the following command

javac -version

Add Java JDK 13 to system path

You might get ‘javac is not recognized as an internal or external command” error message. This is happening because JDK is not added to system path when we install it on windows OS. We need to add it to system path manually.

locate the Java> JDK-13>bin

Launch your Windows file explorer and open C drive and look for “Program Files”, under program files look for “Java” now look for “jdk-13” now for ‘bin’ folder.

Copy the jdk-13 bin path.

Click the Windows’ start button and type ‘variables’

Open system environment variables

On this new windows, click “Environment Variables”

Click Environment Variables

Under “System Variables” select “Path” and click “Edit”

Select “Path” and click “Edit” button

Click “New” and paste the JDK bin folder path and click “OK”, “OK”, and “OK”..

Verify Java JDK on Command Prompt

javac -version

You should see something like this

Check Javac version

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