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Jupiter Ruled Nakshatras

  1. Punarvasu
  2. Vishakha
  3. Purva Bhadrapada

Punarvasu Nakshatra 

Nakshatra : Punarvasu

Falls : Gemini 20.00 – Cancer 3.20

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 20.00 – 23.20, Ruled By Mars

Pada2 : 23.20 – 26.40, Ruled By Venus

Pada3 : 26.40 – 30.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada4 : 30.00 – Cancer 3.20, Ruled By Moon

Keywords : Renewal, Recycling

Nadi : Vata, Ether(Air & Space)

Symbol : Bow; Potter Wheel; House

Lord : Jupiter Ruled By Shiva

Deity : Aditi/mother Of Gods

Caste : Merchant

Aim : Artha, Material Prosperity

Direction : North

Element : Water

Sounds : Ke, Ko, Ha, Hi

Power : Revitalizing

Punarvasu Ascendant

Ascendant : Charitable, Social, Successful Business Person.

Sun in Punarvasu

Sun : Famous, Purifying, Cleansing, Great Intellectual, Great Communicator, Social Status.

Moon in Punarvasu

Moon : Religious, Self-controlled, Indecisive, Introvert, Determined.

Mercury in Punarvasu

Mercury : Thinker, Intelligent, Soft-spoken, Writing And Self-publishing, Clear Voice, Practical.

Venus in Punarvasu

Venus : Fun Loving, Likes To Wear Gems And Golden Jewelleries, Poetic, Acting.

Mars in Punarvasu

Mars : Action Taker, Goal Oriented, Self-motivated, Aggressive, Active, Enthusiastic, Freedom.

Saturn in Punarvasu

Saturn : Relearning Of New Good Habits Through Circumstances. Obstacles, Destruction, Unhappiness.

Jupiter in Punarvasu

Jupiter : Religious Believes, Ritual Traditions, Wisdom, Philosophical, Inspirational, Charitable And Spiritual.

Rahu in Punarvasu

Rahu : Needs Mothers’ Affection, Loves Others, Is In Search Of True Identity Through His/her Wandering Mind..

Ketu in Punarvasu

Ketu : Gradual Awareness Towards Peace And Happiness Through Spiritual Identification.

Vishakha Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Vishakha

Falls : Libra 20.00 – Scorpio 3.20

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 20.00 – 23.20, Ruled By Mars

Pada2 : 23.20 – 26.40, Ruled By Venus

Pada3 : 26.40 – 30.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada4 : 0.00 – Scorpio 3.20, Ruled By Moon

Keywords : Dharma, Goes By Book, Accomplishment

Nadi : Sleshma, Kapha, Mucus

Symbol : Decorated Gateway Garland

Lord : Jupiter Ruled By Shiva

Deity : Indra And Agni

Caste : Outcast

Aim : Dharma, Right Activities

Direction : East

Element : Fire

Sounds : Ti, Tu, Te, To

Power : Harvesting

Vishakha Ascendant

Ascendant : Wise, Warships God, Political, Aggressive, Impatient, Easily Gets Angry.

Sun in Vishakha

Sun : Committed In Relationship, Enjoys Family Life, Egocentric, Ambitious, Introvert, Secretive, Researcher.

Moon in Vishakha

Moon : Attractive To Masses, Moon(Bright) Appearance, Humanitarian, Intense, Debilitated In The Last Pada.

Mercury in Vishakha

Mercury : Artistic, Good Writer, Pleasant Speech, Communicator, Last Pada Creates Confusion And The Native Tends To Think Too Much.

Venus in Vishakha

Venus : Peace Loving, Balanced Mind, Judge, Deal Maker, Harmonious, Last Pada Takes The Native Towards Secret Knowledge And Occult.

Mars in Vishakha

Mars : Material Pleasure, Strong Sexual Appetite, Many Relationships, Aggressive, Secretive, In The Last Pada The Native Becomes Harsh In Actions And Nature.

Saturn in Vishakha

Saturn : Decisive Power, Determination, Focus, Achieves One’s Goals In Life.

Jupiter in Vishakha

Jupiter : Wedding Priest, Gift To Humankind With Fire Element And True Knowledge. Advocate Of Lawful Marriage And Business Deals.

Rahu in Vishakha

Rahu : Material And Spiritual Dissatisfaction, Early In Life Falls For Sensual And Sexual Pleasure Later Become Spiritual.

Ketu in Vishakha

Ketu : Native Moves Towards Spiritual Life, Has Knowledge Of Moksha, Knows Materialism Is Maya.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Purva Bhadrapada

Falls : Aqua 20.00 – Pisces 3.20

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 20.00 – 23.20, Ruled By Mars

Pada2 : 23.20 – 26.40, Ruled By Venus

Pada3 : 26.40 – 30.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada4 : 0.00 – Pisces 3.20, Ruled By Moon

Keywords : Sacrify, Self Destruction

Nadi : Vata, Ether(Air & Space)

Symbol : Sword; Double Faced Man

Lord : Jupiter Ruled By Shiva

Deity : Ajaikapada/an Ancient Fire Dragon

Caste : Brahmin

Aim : Artha, Material Prosperity

Direction : West

Element : Ether

Sounds : Se, So, Da, Di

Power : Uprising

Purva Bhadrapada Ascendant

Ascendant : Public Speaker, Philosophical, Attractive, Fond Of Travelling And Money.

Sun in Purva Bhadrapada

Sun : Dislike Routines, Creative Mind, Writing, Independent, Seclusive.

Moon in Purva Bhadrapada

Moon : Intelligent, Spiritual, Teaching Skills, Occult Knowledge, Clever Supervisor.

Mercury in Purva Bhadrapada

Mercury : Highly Intellectual, Materialistic Gains, Successful Business Person.

Venus in Purva Bhadrapada

Venus : Eccentric Lover, Indulges In Relationship, Finds Pleasure In Religious Talks, Philosophy, And Spirituality.

Mars in Purva Bhadrapada

Mars : Prone To Conflicts, Impulsive, Irritable, Mars Doesn’t Feel At Home Here.

Saturn in Purva Bhadrapada

Saturn : Social, Detached, Unique, Humanitarian, And Philanthropist.

Jupiter in Purva Bhadrapada

Jupiter : Gains Knowledge Of Tantra, Occult Science, Generous Nature, Judges Quickly.

Rahu in Purva Bhadrapada

Rahu : Goes Beyond Physical Beauty, Gives Importance To Good Work And Creativity.

Ketu in Purva Bhadrapada

Ketu : Carries Idealism From The Past Life, Discovers The True Meaning Of Life On The Earth.