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Ketu Ruled Nakshatras

  1. Ashwani
  2. Magha
  3. Mula

Ashwini Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Ashwini

Falls : Aries 0.00-13.20

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 0.00 – 3.20, Ruled By Mars

Pada2 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Venus

Pada3 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada4 : 10.00 – 13.20, Ruled By Moon

Keywords : Self Help, Diy, Solutions

Nadi : Vata, Ether(Air & Space)

Symbol : Horse Head

Lord : Ketu Ruled By Ganesha

Deity : Ashwini Kumara

Caste : Merchant

Aim : Dharma, Right Activities

Direction : South

Element : Earth

Sounds : Chu, Che, Cho, La

Power : Healing

Ashwini Nakshatra Ascendant

Ascendant : Vitality, Spontaneous, Initiator, Intelligent, Short Height, Sportive, Strong, Appealing, Charismatic, Stylish, Lavish, Innocent.

Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra

Sun : Exalted Sun, Confident, Strive For Higher Position, Though They Know It Is Not True Happiness, Supportive Father, Career In Medical Fields And Government, Leader, Ego.

Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra

Moon : Mysterious, Religious, Occult, Courageous, Proactive, Metaphysical Healer, Selfless Caring, Accomplishments, Researcher.

Mercury in Ashwini Nakshatra

Mercury : Good Driver, Likes Travelling, Curious About Metaphysical World, Researcher, Careful Communicator, Spiritual Realization In Later In Life.

Venus in Ashwini Nakshatra

Venus : Income Through The Interest Towards Occult And Metaphysical World, However Interested Medical Profession, Researcher, Pet Lover, Knowledgeable.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra

Mars : Bold, Determined, Quick Action Taker, Delivers Before Deadline, Surgeon, Veterinary Practitioner, Aggressive, Impulsive.

Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra

Saturn : Longevity, Poverty, Health Issue In Family, Some Financial Gains After 19, Intelligent, Intellectual, Lean Body, Short Temper, Career In Food, Forest, Agriculture,

Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra

Jupiter : Metaphysical Knowledge, Curious And Researcher, Teacher And Healer, Pet Healer, Pet Lover, Teacher At Veterinary College, Spiritual And Mystical.

Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra

Rahu : Childhood Health Issue, Good Physique, Witty, Intelligent, Religious, Knowledgeable, Extramarital, Good Relation With Mother.

Ketu in Ashwini Nakshatra

Ketu : Alternative Medicine, Occult, Metaphysics, Surgeon, Veterinary Practitioner, Researcher, Like To Serve Animals. Mentaly Or Physically Separated In Relationship.

Magha Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Magha

Falls : Leo 0.00 – 13.20

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 0.00 – 3.20, Ruled By Mars

Pada2 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Venus

Pada3 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada4 : 10.00 – 13.20, Ruled By Moon

Keywords : Inheritance, Privileged

Nadi : Sleshma, Kapha, Mucus

Symbol : King’s Chamber With Throne; Planquin

Lord : Ketu Ruled By Ganesha

Deity : Pitras/ancestors

Caste : Shudra

Aim : Artha, Material Prosperity,

Direction : West

Element : Water

Sounds : Ma, Me, Mu, Mi

Power : Spiritual Rebirth

Magha Nakshatra Ascendant

Ascendant : Self-awared, Power, Authority, Wealthy, Lucky, Influential, Family Status, Respectable.

Sun in Magha Nakshatra

Sun : Authoritative, Highly Ambitious, Dominating In Relationship, Celebrity, Creative, Sportive, Leader, Create New Leaders.

Moon in Magha Nakshatra

Moon : Charitable, Demanding Respect And Also Respect Others, Authoritative Position, Celebrity, Creative, Designer, Empowers Others, True Leader, Spiritual.

Merucy in Magha Nakshatra

Mercury : Gov Spokesperson, Gov Counselor/lawyer, Good Communicator, Creative, Critical, Good At Collecting Info And Research. Sense Of Spirituality.

Venus in Magha Nakshatra

Venus : Egoistic Celebrity, Sense Of Creative, Design, Art And Research. Peaceful, May Share Status And Position With Others, Should Let Ego Go. Luxury.

Mars in Magha Nakshatra

Mars : Dominating Authority Figure, Influential Leader, Conquer Big Problems Of World, Bold, Courageous, Charitable.

Saturn in Magha Nakshatra

Saturn : Delay And Obstacles In Gaining Desired Position, Craftsman, Hard Work, Low Level Artist, Problem With Father, May Work For Labours’ Rights.

Jupiter in Magha Nakshatra

Jupiter : Desire For Authoritative Figure, School/college/university Principal/dean, Ego Conflicts In Relationship.

Rahu in Magha Nakshatra

Rahu : Courage, Leadership, Administrator, Wealthy, Royal, High Status, Artistic, Intelligent, Good Communication, Sudden Rise After 28.,

Ketu in Magha Nakshatra

Ketu : Separation From Authoritative Status, Spiritual Awareness And Realization, Detachment From Family And Work.

Moola / Mula Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Moola

Falls : Sagittarius 0.00 – 13.20

Gender : Neutral

Pada1 : 0.00 – 3.20, Ruled By Mars

Pada2 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Venus

Pada3 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada4 : 10.00 – 13.20 , Ruled By Moon

Keywords : Destruction, Whistleblower

Nadi : Vata, Ether(Air & Space)

Symbol : Lion Tail; Elephant Goad; Tied Roots

Lord : Ketu Ruled By Ganesha

Deity : Nirrti/goddess Of Destruction

Caste : Butcher

Aim : Kama, Desire

Direction : North

Element : Air

Sounds : Ye, Yo, Ba, Be

Power : Clearing

Moola Nakshatra Ascendant

Ascendant : Outspoken, Broad Forehead, Robust Bone, Broad Vision, Role Model Student, Passionate Desire, Investigator, Truthful, Shrewd.

Sun in Moola Nakshatra

Sun : Insense Personality, Under Illusion, Egoistic, Researcher, Spiritual, Interest In Occult, Archaeology, History.

Moon in Moola Nakshatra

Moon : Introvert, Researcher, Interest In Spirituality, Occult, And Mysticism. Native Feels Isolated, And Separated. Emotional Issues, Meditation Can Help. Can Also Become Counselor And Teacher.

Mercury in Moola Nakshatra

Mercury : Curious, Success In Research Field, Higher Education, Can Become Teacher, Counselor, Professor. Interests In Religion, Spirituality, And Hidden Aspects Of The World.

Venus in Moola Nakshatra

Venus : Interest In Occult, Spirituality, Mysticism, Research, Arts, Luxury, Medical, Finance.

Mars in Moola Nakshatra

Mars : Dedication, Focus, Leader, Aggression In Fields Of Research, Spirituality, Religion, Unknown/hidden Aspects Of The Universe; Isolated, Separated.

Saturn in Moola Nakshatra

Saturn : Delay And Obstacles In Education, Job, Liberation, Research, Self-realization, Financial Gain, And Marriage.

Jupiter in Moola Nakshatra

Jupiter : Early Age Self-realization, Success In Fields Of Spirituality, Occult, Mysticism, Medical, Technology, And Can Also Become Teacher, Counselor, And Guide.

Rahu in Moola Nakshatra

Rahu : Obsessed With Gaining Knowledge Through Research In Fields Of Technology, Finance, Medical, Spirituality, Occult, Mysticism.

Ketu in Moola Nakshatra

Ketu : Spiritual, Mysticism, Occult Practices And Retreats, Past Life Pending Karma, Separation, Isolated, Sometimes Inner Conflicts.

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