This post will guide you through the process of enabling and starting mariadb server on opensuse tumbleween and leap and setting up password for the existing root password.

Check the status of your mariadb no your opensuse

systemctl status mariadb.service

start mariadb.service

systemctl enable mariadb.service
systemctl start mariadb.service
systemctl status mariadb.service

Login to mariadb with sudo

Login into mariadb with sudo to alter password for the root user

Update mariadb root password

ALTER USER root@localhost BY 'password';


exit of mariadb to try new password for root user on mariadb on OpenSuse Tumbleweed and Leaps

Login with updated password to mariadb

To login into mariadb with updated password for root user, try the following command

mariadb -u root -p

when promoted to enter password, enter your newly updated password and you should be in mariadb.