Feel like Magento is not for small businesses? No worries!! I feel the pain and have already migraded many Magento store to WooCommerce in the past 2 years. I remember I was contacted by a Magento store owner from California and he was looking for a person to help his migrate his Magento 2 store that was built by a local agency, this agency tool 6 months to deliver this magento store and now the owner wanted to migrate to WooCommerce with the same look and feel of Mangento store.

This Magento store owner found me on a freelancing platform and I migrated his store in the matter of just 2 days to WooCommerce and he was very happy with quick delivery and my work ethics. Since then I have helped many migrate ecommerce to WooCommer and Shopify.

If you need help with migration or just thinking about..

You can contact me at [email protected]