Features of Moodle?

Moodle is a PHP powered open source e-learning CMS that lets you start online classes and connect with your students in no time. Moodle project empowers educators and students alike. Moodle is packed with cool features that make teaching online easy. Here is the list of features that Moodle has to offer.

  1. Modern and Easy User Interface
  2. Mobile Responsive
  3. Personalized and customizable dashboard
  4. Collaborative tools like forums, wiki, glossaries and more
  5. Feature Rich Calendar
  6. File Management
  7. Rich Text Editor
  8. Notification System
  9. Track Progress
  10. Mass Enrollment and Secure authentication
  11. Site and Layout Customizer
  12. Multilingual
  13. Let’s you create courses
  14. Backup
  15. User creation, roll, and permissions
  16. Enhance features with Plugins
  17. Group Management
  18. Multimedia integration
  19. Integrated badges
  20. Marking system
  21. Security and Privacy

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How to Install Moodle on Shared Hosting

Moodle Hosting

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