MySQL Tutorial: Create Database, Table, & Insert Values

Hello World!! In this tiny MySQL Tutorial video, I demonstrate how to create a database, select database, create a table, and insert values into the table, using the terminal, command line, prompt.
How to hash the password in MySQL Database.

How to create a database in MySQL
CREATE DATABASE database_name;
How to list databases in MySQL
How to select a database in MySQL
USE database_name;
How to create a table in MySQL
CREATE TABLE table_name(
username VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
useremail VARCHAR(80) NOT NULL,
userpassword CHAR(50) NOT NULL,
user_created_at TIMESTAMP);

How to insert values in MySQL table
INSERT INTO table_name(username, usermail, userpassword) VALUE('name1', '[email protected]', SHA('secret");

By Tube Mint

I am a YouTuber and I also do niche marketing. In the process of create my niche blog using WordPress, Drupal, and GatsbyJS, I learned a few things like html, css, JS, CMS, MVC frameworks, C++, Python, Ruby, MySQL, Windows and Linux. After some time.. I realized that I can share my knowledge with people on YouTube and through my blog. So, here I am. You can ask me if you have any question about these technologies.