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Which nouns don’t have plural form?

In this post we are going to learn some nouns which don’t have plural form? And in this post will also learn how to use these nouns in a sentence?

Some nouns in English are ‘uncountable’. This means they do not have a plural form. Some common uncountable nouns are:

Advice, advertising, work, food, furniture,

water, fun, sugar, garbage, homework, information, knowledge, money, love, news, honesty, shopping, time, traffic, travel, luck.

With uncountable nouns, you must use:

The singular form:

  • Food
  • Information
  • Money
  • A little
  • Amount of
  • Much
  • Some
  1. The amount of trees in the forest is decreasing every year.
  2. How much book do you have?

A singular Verb: There was already a little garbage in the box.

If a noun is uncountable, you cannot use:

A plural form: advices, furnitures, garbages, informations, knowledges.

A, an: an advice, a garbage, a knowledge.

A few, many, number of: A few shopping, many traffic, the number of knowledge

A number: Three travels, four furniture.

A plural verb: There was a little garbage in the box.

A plural verb: There was a little garbage in the box.

If you want to add a number to an uncountable noun, you can use: A piece of, some, a few pieces of:

A piece of advice,

Three pieces of book,

A few pieces of pencil.