In this post we are going to learn some nouns which don’t have plural form? And in this post will also learn how to use these nouns in a sentence?

Some nouns in English are ‘uncountable’. This means they do not have a plural form. Some common uncountable nouns are:

Advice, advertising, work, food, furniture,

water, fun, sugar, garbage, homework, information, knowledge, money, love, news, honesty, shopping, time, traffic, travel, luck.

With uncountable nouns, you must use:

The singular form:

  1. The amount of trees in the forest is decreasing every year.
  2. How much book do you have?

A singular Verb: There was already a little garbage in the box.

If a noun is uncountable, you cannot use:

A plural form: advices, furnitures, garbages, informations, knowledges.

A, an: an advice, a garbage, a knowledge.

A few, many, number of: A few shopping, many traffic, the number of knowledge

A number: Three travels, four furniture.

A plural verb: There was a little garbage in the box.

A plural verb: There was a little garbage in the box.

If you want to add a number to an uncountable noun, you can use: A piece of, some, a few pieces of:

A piece of advice,

Three pieces of book,

A few pieces of pencil.