Windows 10

Open Sublime Text from Windows Command Line

This tutorial will help you set Sublime Text 3 on Windows Systems up, to launch Sublime text 3 from Windows CMD or Windows Power Shell with subl command.

Create a User variable – subl

 Create a User variable - subl

Locate the sublime text exe file path on your system. This is how it is on my Windows 10 64 bit system. Copy it. Now, launch System Env Variables windows and create a new user variable. Give it a name, I have given subl and paste the Sublime text 3 exe file path in the variable value field and click OK.

C:\Program Files\Sublime Text 3\sublime_text.exe

Add Sublime Text to System Variable Path

 Add Sublime Text to System Variable Path

Again just copy the Sublime Text directory path, and create a new ENV variable path.

Open Sublime Text w/ Windows CMS or Power Shell


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