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Past Indefinite Tense

When you find any sentence ending with (aa, ee, e) that is past indefinite tense, and we use the 2nd form of the verb with both singular and plural numbers. 


  1. I watched tele for two hours yesterday.
  2. He slept for 10 hours yesternight.

Affirmative Sentence

Subject + (V-2nd) + Object.

Negative Sentence

Subject + did + not + (V-1st) + Object.

Interrogative Sentence

if your sentences start with KYA, then past indefinite interrogative should start with DID and end with a question mark.

Did + Subject + (V+1st) + Object?

WH + Did + Subject + (V+1st) + Object?

Interrogative & Negative Sentence

Did + Subject + NOT + (V+1st) + Object?

WH + Did + Subject + NOT +  (V+1st) + Object?