1. Pushya
  2. Anuradha
  3. Uttara Bhadrapada

Pushya Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Pushya

Falls : Cancer 3.20 – 16.40

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Sun

Pada2 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada3 : 10.00 – 13.20, Ruled By Venus

Pada4 : 13.20 – 16.40, Ruled By Mars

Keywords : Guru, Flourished

Nadi : Pitta, Heat, Fire, Energy

Symbol : Cow Udder; Flower; Arrow; Circle

Lord : Saturn Ruled By Hanuman

Deity : Brihaspati/guru Of Gods

Caste : Warrior

Aim : Dharma, Right Activities

Direction : East

Element : Water

Sounds : Hu, He, Ho, Da

Power : Creates Spiritual Energy

Pushya Ascendant

Ascendant : Nourishing, Nurturing, Caring, Knowledgeable, Motherly, Generous, Compassion, Soberness, Optimistic, Enjoys Materialism, Reliable, Dependable; Negative: Lethargic, Unfocused, Befooled Easily, Easily Trust Others.

Sun in Pushya

Sun : Wealthy, Authoritative, Sensitive, Artistic, Political, Successful Yet Insecure.

Moon in Pushya

Moon : Balanced And Composed Mind, Likeable, Mature, Political Views, Virtuous, Wealthy.

Mercury in Pushya

Mercury : Medical Industry, Healer, Teacher, Counselor, Indecisive For Themselves, Emotional, Communicator.

Venus in Pushya

Venus : Selfless In Relationships, Compromising, Teacher, Counselor, Healer, Public Service, Child Care & Orphanage.

Mars in Pushya

Mars : Debilitated Mars, Doctor, Surgeon, Indecisive, Short Tempered, Stubborn.

Saturn in Pushya

Saturn : Innate Ability To Heal Others, Medical Field, Hard Work, Career Delay, Good Relation With Mother, Child Adoption, Dry And Cold Love And Marriage Life.

Jupiter in Pushya

Jupiter : Charitable, Teacher, Counselor, Generous, Hard Work Till 30s, Challenge Takers, Understanding In Relationships And Marriage.

Rahu in Pushya

Rahu : Adviser, Influencer, Community Organizer, Confort, Luxury, Materialism, Real-estate, Engineer, Designer.

Ketu in Pushya

Ketu : Family Separation, Malnourished, May Work In Child Care, Orphanage, Underprivileged People. Spiritual And Caring.

Anuradha Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Anuradha

Falls : Scorpio 3.20 – 16.40

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 3.20 – 6.40 , Ruled By Sun

Pada2 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada3 : 10.00 – 13.20, Ruled By Venus

Pada4 : 13.20 – 16.40, Ruled By Mars

Keywords : Union, Friendship

Nadi : Pitta, Heat, Fire, Energy

Symbol : Triumphal Archway; Lotus Flower

Lord : Saturn Ruled By Hanuman

Deity : Mitra

Caste : Shudra

Aim : Dharma, Right Activities

Direction : South

Element : Fire

Sounds : Na, Ne, Nu, Ne

Power : Abundance

Anuradha Ascendant

Ascendant : Helpful, Learning, Knowledge Accumulation, Should Work In Group Not Alone, Victory, Leadership, Secretive, Spiritual.

Sun in Anuradha

Sun : Ultimate Victory, Leadership, Hidden Knowledge, Ambitious, Friendship, Alliances, Good Career, Should Follow His/her Heart.

Moon in Anuradha

Moon : Desire Oriented, Thinks About The Mass, May Become Anti-social Or Stalker, Research Related Work. Early Age Guidance Is Required,

Mercury in Anuradha

Mercury : Higher Aspirations, Deep Thinker, Social Media Influencer, Native Should Follow His/her Heart In Interests, Career, And Business.

Venus in Anuradha

Venus : Creative, Collaboration, Intense Bond In Relationships, Spiritual, Restless Heart, Research Or Public Service,

Mars in Anuradha

Mars : Emergency Worker, Surgeon, Detective, Difficulties In Early Life, Delay In Self-realization, Courage And Will-power In In Later Life.

Saturn in Anuradha

Saturn : Less Friends, Hardship Until 33 Years Of Age, Late Marriage, Practical, Emotional Stress.

Jupiter in Anuradha

Jupiter : Loyal And Reliable To Friends, Spiritual Teacher, Brings Realism In Whatever They Do, Higher Knowledge Thru Teaching.

Rahu in Anuradha

Rahu : Rebellious, Knowledge Gain Through Friends, Stubborn, Divine Connection, Has Control Over Wondering Mind Of Rahu.

Ketu in Anuradha

Ketu : Divine Devotion, Public Service, Kundalini, Away From Friends And Family, Detached In Relationships,

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra 

Nakshatra : Uttara Bhadrapada

Falls : Pisces 3.20 – 16.40

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Sun

Pada2 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada3 : 10.00 – 13.20, Ruled By Venus

Pada4 : 13.20 – 16.40, Ruled By Mars

Keywords : Philosophy Major, Wordly, Spirituality

Nadi : Pitta, Heat, Fire, Energy

Symbol : Twins; Funeral Bed On A Cot

Lord : Saturn Ruled By Hanuman

Deity : Ahirbudhnya/ocean Serpent

Caste : Warrior

Aim : Kama, Desire

Direction : North

Element : Ether

Sounds : Du, Tha, Jha, Jna

Power : Stabilizing

Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Ascendant : Large Body, Broad Shoulder, Calm Mind Represents The Ocean, Heavy And Short In Height, Patient And A Few Lazy.

Sun in Uttara Bhadrapada

Sun : Intelligent, Witty, Creative, Generous, Charitable, Hardworking, Spiritual.

Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada

Moon : Virtuous, Sense Of Public Service, Clever Communicator, Attractive Look.

Mercury in Uttara Bhadrapada

Mercury : Debilitated Mercury, Slow Learner, Less Hobbies, Does Not Like To Read Books.

Venus in Uttara Bhadrapada

Venus : Flair For Creativity And Design, Luxurious Goods, Cool And Balanced Mind, Insightful, Romantic Relationships,

Mars in Uttara Bhadrapada

Mars : Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Healer, Spiritual, Peaceful, Religious Leader.

Saturn in Uttara Bhadrapada

Saturn : Delay Or Obstacles, In Spiritual Experience And Learning, Long Hour Meditation, Solidarity, Kundalini.

Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada

Jupiter : Spiritual Guru, Meditation, Wisdom, Family And Materialistic Life May Suffer.

Rahu in Uttara Bhadrapada

Rahu : Obsessed With Spirituality And Mysticism. Devoted To Guru, Kundalini, Later In Life Native Can Become A Guru.

Ketu in Uttara Bhadrapada

Ketu : Intune With Universal Consciousness, Out Of Body Experience, Self-realization, Enlightenment.

Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, Rakshasa Gana

The 27 constellations of our 12 zodiac signs are divided into 3 parts – Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, Rakshasa Gana. (There are 9 Nakshatras in each gana)

There are 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology, in which each Nakshatra has 4 positions. There are 108 positions in total which are divided into our 12 zodiac signs.

To see Gana, first of all know your Moon Nakshatra. Then see in which pada or phase your Nakshatra comes.

Suppose you belong to Swati Nakshatra, then your Gan is Dev Gan.

Dev Gana –

The people who are born in Ashwini, Mrigashira, Purnavasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Shravan, Revati Nakshatra, they are the people of Dev Gana.

Sundaron Dan Shilesch Matiman Saral: Always. Devgane Bhavet, who is the less fortunate, Mahapragyo.

The people born in Dev Gana are beautiful, believe in charity, superior in thoughts, intelligent. Simplicity is very dear to them, the work they take a vow to do, they believe in it only after doing it.

Manushya Gana –

The people who are born in Bharani, Rohini, Arda, Purva Phalguni, Uttar Phalguni, Purva Shadha, Uttar Shadha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttar Bhadrapada, they are the people of Manushya Gana.

Mani Dhani Vishalaksho Lakshayvedhi Dhanurdhar. Attention: Porjan Grahi Jayate Manave Gane.

It means – such a person is self-respecting, wealthy, big-eyed, clever, achieves his goal, archer, planet his fellow people, that is, leaves his mark on them.

Rakshasa Gana –

The people born in Ashlesha, Vishakha, Krittika, Chitra, Magha, Jyeshtha, Mool, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Nakshatra are considered to be under Rakshana Gana.

Crazy fierce: always quarrelsome. Purusho Dussah Bute Preme Hi Rakshase Gana.

The people of Rakshasa Gana are full of frenzy, always discordant, fierce in appearance, that is, always looking spoiled, recognizing the demerits of others. They also get a premonition of wrong things happening.

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