If you are looking for best SEO Optimizer tools for your websites, blogs, or for your eCommerce Store. Let me be very honest with you to optimise your website you need certain tools to analyse your website, at the same time you’ll also need the spy tools that will analyse your competitors’ website, blogs and eCommerce Store. After this is done you will have data and insights now you need  to optimise your website, blog or eCommerce store. This is the process of how websites are optimised. And this is where the SEO Optimizer comes in the picture. 

Employ or Hire an SEO

SEO optimizer is not an automated tool that will just go ahead and analyse your and your competitors website and make the necessary changes on your website, this is not it’s done and Google doesn’t like it.

You basically hire SEO optimizers. These are experienced people who do the SEO Optimisation on your website, blog or your eCommerce website. They have an experienced SEO team that’s going to optimise your website and look after all the Optimisation factors that matter to your website ranking.

Types of SEO Optimizers

There are three types of SEO the first one is white hat SEO optimizer the second one is grey hat SEO optimizer the third one is the Black hat SEO optimizer. As per your business requirement go for the right type of SEO approach. I’m quickly going to describe these terms in a few lines.

White Hat SEO Optimizers

White hat SEO Optimizer will go by the Google book, these people will never try to cheat Google or do some manipulative optimisation.  These White Hat SEO Optimizers are good for long run businesses. At the same time this White Hat SEO practice takes a bit longer time to rank on Google and other search engines.

Grey Hat SEO Optimizers

Grey hat SEO Optimisation practices are good for the time being when you are optimising your website but The grey hat SEO practices are not good for future because today’s grey hat is going to be tomorrow’s black hat in the eyes of search engines like Google.

In most cases grey hat SEO is recoverable that means if you do grey hat SEO today and Google algorithm updates come out and your ranking goes town, you will still be able to recover your website by undoing the grey hat practices on your website.

Grey hat practices will include you trying to create backlinks to your website from PBN, WEB 2.0 or somehow trying to cheat the Google bot. Buying old domain names with a good backlink profile, This works like wonders. 

Most businesses would like to have more than one website; one website (main business ) to only practice the white hat SEO, others to practice grey hat and Black hat SEO to get most out of today’s opportunities.

Black Hat SEO optimizer

Black hat SEO is never recommended for your main business websites, always have a spare website to practice Black Hat SEO to quickly get on the first page of Google to make some money and convert your visitors into customers as quickly as possible. 

Become an SEO Yourself

But in case if you do not want to hire an SEO Optimizer for your business you could be the SEO optimizer with the help of these advanced premium SEO tools that will analyse your and your competitors website and once you have the data & insights, you could be the SEO optimizer yourself. 

To become an SEO Optimizer in 2020 you will have to learn a lot of technologies and a lot of new terms that you might not be familiar with, so learning SEO today will take time. You will have to understand all the aspects of SEO. 

You have to understand how HTML and JavaScript work and then learn on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research and niche research and finally  a content management system. WordPress is recommended for beginners.

Once you have a better understanding of all the aspects so now you can start looking for SEO tools that are going to analyse and give you inside into your website and your competitors website to make necessary changes on your website to rank higher and to beat your competitors.

In case you want to become an SEO Optimizer yourself here are some tools that you want to have a look at and choose the right one for your business.

Choose a Right SEO Tool

Here is a list of the top SEO analyzer tools that are used by SEO optimizers.  Some of them are free and some paid and remember new tools keep coming in. One more thing before you get started all tools are not made for everybody and for every business out there. All SEO tools have learning curves as well. The user  interface of SEO tools and features they offer, must be observed while picking up a winner for yourself. At the same time you also have to make sure that your SEO tool gives accurate and latest insights from your and your competitors website.

Must Have SEO Tools

These must have SEO tools are almost free,  Google search console Bing Webmaster tool Yandex Webmaster tool these tools will help you submit your website to the search engines for indexing your web pages and media content. These tools also give you insights on different aspects of SEO. The most important aspect is – they will tell you what keywords/phrases you are ranking for and the pages are being served for these keywords. 

The other set of free SEO tools that are widely used by the SEO optimizers is the web analytics tools, and they are Google Analytics and the Yandex metrica.

These web analytics tools will give you deeper insights on real time visitors, referring websites (where your visitors are coming from) including social media, goal tracking,  and how a visitor interacts with your web pages. 

These paid tools are highly sophisticated, advanced, up today and  most importantly easy to use SEO premium tools that are used by almost every SEO optimizer.

These are ahrefs group buy, semrush group buy, wordai group buy, moz group buy, buzzsumo group buy, spyfu group buy, grammarly group buy, article forge group buy, and woorank group buy available at cheapest price possible.

Before you buy SEO tools from the their origin sites; you should experiment with all the available tools at lower price first and then buy their $100 monthly subscription.

These are best all premium SEO tools available today. I have been using them for years but through group buy tools provides at cheaper price these cost me between $10 to $30 a month. I keep switching the tools as per my requirement.

  1. Ahrefs Group Buy Tool
  2. SEMrush Group Buy Tool 
  3. DomCop group buy account reviews: Find expired domains that may have great SEO value
  4. WordAi group buy account: Automatic spinning tool that rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs so you can get new unique content
  5. iSpionage group buy account reviews – Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic
  6. KWFinder group buy account reviews: Intuitive keyword research tool design developed by Mangools
  7. SpyFu group buy account reviews: competitive intelligence tool for SEO and PPC
  8. Moz group buy account reviews: Flagship SaaS product from SEO giant
  9. Keyword Tool group buy account reviews: Straightforward and highly effective SEO tool for researching keywords

Affiliate Marketing Tools

The following list of affiliate marketing tools the best affiliate marketing tools in the market; these cost your a fortune for the beginners but I know a few group buy tools providers offer these tools at cheaper price. These tools will cost somewhere between $10 to $30 per month.

  1. Madsociety forum Group Buy Tool – Reviews paid forum with good guides to planning to focus on native traffic
  2. Anstrex Native and Push group buy account reviews: Spy tool that focuses predominantly on native ads and push ads
  3. Adplexity Push group buy account – Reviews top spy tools lets you dive deep into your targets
  4. AdSector group buy account – Advertising intelligence tool designed for e-commerce and advertisers.
  5. PoweAdSpy group buy account reviews: Most promising FaceBook Ad-Intelligence Spy Tool
  6. IAmAttila group buy account – Reviews affiliate marketing interviews