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I’m a home services provider specializing in local handyman and plumbing services and my website is relatively new – actually 6 months now. I have only one article posted, but have several drafted and will be working on a schedule to post them live. How can your services work for me? And what would you need from me or what do I need to do for your service to work? Would it work on a landing page? Or perhaps on city pages? Just looking for every possible option available that would benefit my website.

Thanks, Nelson

SEO Service Provider

Hello there, Thanks for contacting me. I can create internal contextual links on your pages, which will increase page authority and ranking too. Other thing would be – creating silo structure pages that will boost ranking of your service pages on both search engines Bing and Google. I can also check and let you other on-page SEO issues.


Client Again

Excellent. I’d like to try your service, but would also like to add in another one of your gigs – the sitelinks search box. I understand that there’s no guarantee that Google will display them, but it’s worth trying and having it coded onto my WP website – just in case. Could you send me a custom quote for both gigs? I don’t have a large site so premium wouldn’t be needed. I have a little bit of an understanding on SEO and am aware of broken links found using

Quick question though: I am still actively upgrading my website on a near-daily basis, changing fonts, content, and even layout designs. For the silo structure and search box, would they be affected? There may be occasions where I may revise the content showing on my services provided section

SEO Service Provider – Again

No problem, I can add code for sitelinks search box too. Updating content regularly is a good SEO practice this makes search bots curious and they keep checking for new content but your content update must be useful and not repetitive. Here is what I am going to offer in the custom gig.. 1. Sitelinks search box 2. Silo structure your service pages. 3. Will go through content pages and create contextual links. All just at $20 for you.. If that’s fine.. Please accept the offer. I’ll just need wp-admin login username and password. Thanks,

Here is what I am going to offer in the custom gig..

  1. Sitelinks search box
  2. Silo structure your service pages.
  3. Will go through content pages and create contextual links.
  4. Will try to deliver it ASAP.

Thanks again for your order! Your delivery is enclosed. If there are any problems, please let me know. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Added Google Sitelinks and Searchbox rich snippet feature to WordPress site.

SEO Improvements

SEO Suggestions for WordPress

Hope, this helps.

SEO Client Review

The seller did an excellent job on my website. My order was for contextual internal links, silo pages, google sitelinks, and search-box schema markup. Everything was completed as promised and ahead of schedule. He went above and beyond to audit my site and provided suggestions for improvement. I am very satisfied with the service received and will definitely be returning for more gigs. Highly recommended.

seo service review

SEO Client

Thank you so much! I just fixed the private setting, not sure how it got like that, Anyways, excellent work, and many thanks for the suggestions. Will make adjustments/improvements soon.

Just lmk how much you’ll do the first suggestion for “Create more silo pages under service pages that have list of services. e.g. Handyman Services”

I would like to come back for more services sporadically as I add, revise, update, remove information/content.


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