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Shravana Nakshatra Female Traits

Shravana Nakshatra Female Traits, this description is based on the placement of your moon in the particular nakshatra, but remember their are four padas in each nakshatra and these four padas have their own ruling planet, those four padas or charanas represent the all four pillars of the all religions and that are dharma, artha, kama, moksha in sequence. That means most activities of this moon nakshatra should end up teaching you lesson of your particular pada/charana and your life will lead towards that pillar (dharma, artha, kama, moksha).

Here on the earth every one has only one goal knowingly or unknowingly and that is ataining the higher consciousness, so in the strait way I can tell you that whataver, all the actions (bad and good ones all) take us closer to the naked reality. We are completely and one hundered precent led by our sanchit (accumulated) karma. This is why we all think, perform, gain, dwell differently.

Your Nakshatra Deity

All 27 nakshatras are wives of the Moon and daughters of Daksha Prajapati, who was the son of the Lord Brahma hisself. So, there are four gods type body associated with each nakshtra, first the name of nakshtra (wife of Moon and daughter of Daksha), second the nakshatra’s deity, third the nakshtra’s rulling planet, and the forth is the rulling planet of the exact pada/charana that you were born in/with.

Your Opposite Nakshatra

The Nakshatra at 180 degree from your moon nakshatra or ascentant nakshtra will influence your life in a great deal. Therefore it is wise to find out opposite naskshatra.

Rulling Planet of Your Moon Nakshatra

It is said that all planets act/behave/think like the rulling planet of residing nakshatra. For example.. if your moon is in the one of nakshatras ruled by Shani dev or Rahu dev or Mars dev then your mind (manas) will be surrounded by the karakas of these planets. But there is always a wayout, remember these are all challenges, which you can over come with good karma, bhakti, yoga (yoga chit vriti nirodha), and prayers.