Sound booster software will boost the sound of your desktop and laptop with  Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, both system types 32 bit and 64 bit. In this post I am going to help you download and install sound booster software, which is absolutely for free.  but you need to have admin right on your Microsoft Windows to install software. 


The other thing you must know is – this software will double the sound volume of your system. You are advised to slow down speaker and microphone volume before installing the software otherwise you might end up with something unexpected.

Sound Booster for PC

Irrespective of your operating system version from Microsoft you can download and install this sound booster which is available in both 32bit and 64bit, however, the 32 bit sound booster software package will work on both system types, in case you do not find 64 bit sound booster software.

Sound Booster for Windows 10

Sound booster for Windows 10 can be downloaded and installed which will boost the sound volume of your system immensely and you need to slow down your speaker volume and headphone volume – whatever the case is. 

Remember to check your system type, to know your system type, try pressing the windows key and pause/break button on the keyboard together. 

My Windows 10 is 64 bit which is based on a 64 bit processor. But if your system is 32 bit, You said download the sound booster of the 32 bit package and install it on your Windows 10.

This sound booster is available for both Windows 10 – 32 bit and Windows 10 – 64 bit.

However, if you cannot find your system type; just download 32 bit and install it. 32 bit software packages work with both 32/64 bit system types.

Sound Booster for Windows 8

To download and install sound booster for Windows 8; you need visit this free download page and install it on you Windows 8 operating system. Remember – if you your system type, it’s good but mandatory. To know your system type – you simply press WINDOWS key and Pause/Break buttons together on your keyboard to view your system type. It says ‘System Type:”, mine is 64 bit, your might be 32 bit but that’s less likely.

You also need to have the admin right to install software your Windows 8.

If can’t find your system type; don;t worry, just download 32 bit sound booster and install it – 32 bit works on both 32/64 bit system types.

Before your install Sound Booster your Windows 8 PC; you should slow down your volume first.

Sound Booster for Windows 7

Before you download Sound Booster for your Windows 7 PC Desktop/Laptop; please check your system type by pressing Windows key + Pause/Break buttons to find your system type. Read against ‘System Type’, mine says ’64 bit operating system based on 64 bit processor’.

But if you cannot find your system type; you just download and install 32 bit Sound Booster, 32 bit software packages work for both 32/64 bit system types.