This post will help you speed up your WordPress Websites and Blogs irrespective of your hosting plan type. I just sped up my WordPress site hosted on NameCheap Shared Hosting Plan and my website is loading in just 1.5 second.


Before WordPress Page Load Optimization

Before I optimized my WordPress website, it was loading in 2.7 seconds and GTMatrix score was at D grade.


After WordPress Page Load Optimization

After optimizing my WordPress website, its page load time reduced to 1 second from 2.7 second and GTMtrix score increased to Grade A.

Watch me Speed up WordPress

WordPress Speed Optimizers

Here are few WordPress Page Load Optimization techniques that will reduce the page load time. These optimization techniques are used and tested on a shared hosting plan; please do not try them on managed hosting plans. Just kidding! You can them wherever you are. These techniques will work on any hosting plans.

  1. Use Latest WordPress Theme that supports Block Editor
  2. Delete/Remove Inactive WordPress Themes
  3. Install Less Number of WordPress Plugins
  4. Uninstall Inactive WordPress Plugins
  5. Use A CDN Provider like Cloudflare
  6. Use a Cache Plugin like WP Super Cache
  7. Upgrade WordPress Core to the latest one
  8. Serve images in webp format
  9. Convert existing images into webp format with free plugins
  10. Prefer NGNIX Server over Apache Server