1. Kritika
  2. Uttara Phalguni
  3. Uttara Ashadha

Kritika Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Kritika

Falls : Aries 26.40 – Taurus 10.00

Gender : Male

Pada1 : 26.40 – Taurus 0.00, Ruled By Jupiter

Pada2 : 0.00 – 3.20, Ruled By Saturn

Pada3 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Saturn

Pada4 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Jupiter

Keywords : Generation, Burning Energy, Fire

Nadi : Sleshma, Kapha, Mucus

Symbol : Flame

Lord : Sun Ruled By Shiva

Deity : Agni

Caste : Brahmin

Aim : Kama, Desire

Direction : North

Element : Earth

Sounds : Ah, Ee, Oo, Ay

Power : Burning

Kritika Ascendant

Ascendant : Superior, Proud, Honorable, Ambitious, Skillful, Wealthy, Truthful.

Sun in Kritika

Sun : Spiritual Warrior, Disciplined, Leadership, Power Over The Masses, Issues With Authority Figures.

Moon in Kritika

Moon : Brilliant Appearance, Peaceful Loving, Famous, Good Adviser, Strong Willed, Determined, Intelligent, Artistic.

Mercury in Kritika

Mercury : Learned And An Expert In Various Religious Scriptures May Be A Successful Businessman, Philanthropist

Venus in Kritika

Venus : Love For Music, Fashion, Apparel, Beauty Industries, And Other Fine Arts

Mars in Kritika

Mars : Independent, Have Good Fighting Ability, Expert In Handling Weapons Or Explosives, Romantic, High Sex Drive, Easily Excited, Desirous.

Saturn in Kritika

Saturn : Impatient, Agriculture Profession, Polygamy

Jupiter in Kritika

Jupiter : Brilliant Mystic, Seer, And Spiritual Teacher, Have Interest In Historical Literature, Famous, Wealthy, Noble, Truthful, And Well Educated.

Rahu in Kritika

Rahu : Rahu In Krittika Can Be Either Constructive Or Destructive.

Ketu in Kritika

Ketu : Spiritual, Altruistic

Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Uttara Phalguni

Falls : Leo 26.40 – Virgo 10.00

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 26.40 – 30.00, Ruled By Jupiter

Pada2 : 0.00 – Virgo 3.20, Ruled By Saturn

Pada3 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Saturn

Pada4 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Jupiter

Keywords : Committed, Companion

Nadi : Vata, Ether(Air & Space)

Symbol : Bed; Small Bed

Lord : Sun Ruled By Shiva

Deity : Aryaman/god Of Patronage And Favours

Caste : Warrior

Aim : Moksha, Spiritual Liberation

Direction : East

Element : Fire

Sounds : Te, To, Pa, Pe

Power : Prospering

Uttara Phalguni Ascendant

Ascendant : Wealthy, Attractive, Several Mates, Generous, Proud, Sensual, Intelligent, Talent In Business, Skilled With Hands, Humanitarian, Mystical Powers, Intuitive.

Sun in Uttara Phalguni

Sun : Humanitarian Concern, Leadership, Fond Of Reading And Writing, Confident, Strong Pride, Arrogance, Love Of The Creative Art.

Moon in Uttara Phalguni

Moon : Well-liked, Successful, Stable, Respected, Want Comfort And Luxury, Good Intelligence, Inventive Mind, Happy, Friendly, Tactful.

Mercury in Uttara Phalguni

Mercury : Communicative, Business Skill, Honest, Quick Learner, Helpful, Kind, Social, Caring, Sincere.

Venus in Uttara Phalguni

Venus : Spiritual,practical In Love, Mysticism, Family Oriented, And Love For Humanity.

Mars in Uttara Phalguni

Mars : Straightforward, Courageous, Ambitious, Stable, Focused.

Saturn in Uttara Phalguni

Saturn : Dutiful, Workaholic, Practical In Duties, World Affair.

Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni

Jupiter : Worships God, Family Oriented, Learner, Healer

Rahu in Uttara Phalguni

Rahu : Introvert, Karmic, Humanitarian

Ketu in Uttara Phalguni

Ketu : Disciplined, Spiritual, And Dutiful.

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Uttara Ashadha

Falls : Sag 26.40 – Cap 10.00

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 26.40 – 30.00, Ruled By Jupiter

Pada2 : 0.00 – Cap 3.20, Ruled By Saturn

Pada3 : 3.20 – 6.40, Ruled By Saturn

Pada4 : 6.40 – 10.00, Ruled By Jupiter

Keywords : Overachiever

Nadi : Sleshma, Kapha, Mucus

Symbol : Elephant Tusk; Small Cot

Lord : Sun Ruled By Shiva

Deity : Vishwa Devas/universal Gods

Caste : Warrior

Aim : Moksha, Spiritual Liberation

Direction : South

Element : Air

Sounds : Be, Bo, Ja, Ji

Power : Victory

Uttara Ashadha Ascendant

Ascendant : Public Servant, Hardworking, Famous Late In Life, Kind, Honest, Counselor.

Sun in Uttara Ashadha

Sun : Hungry For Power, Quick Learner, Willing To Change The World, Ambitious, Leader, Humanitarian.

Moon in Uttara Ashadha

Moon : Long Life, Patient, Socially Responsible, Rigid, Sincere.

Mercury in Uttara Ashadha

Mercury : Life Long Learner, Thinker, Well Spoken, Introvert, Calligrapher.

Venus in Uttara Ashadha

Venus : Committed In Love, Craftsman, Likes Luxury And Rich People.

Mars in Uttara Ashadha

Mars : Researcher, Disciplined, Will Power, Fights For Society, Ambitious, Patient And Careful.

Saturn in Uttara Ashadha

Saturn : Politician, Hardworking, Ambitious, Hunger For Name And Fame.

Jupiter in Uttara Ashadha

Jupiter : Philosophical, Spiritual, Preachers, Well-respected.

Rahu in Uttara Ashadha

Rahu : Hardworking, Responsible, Disciplined And Dutiful.

Ketu in Uttara Ashadha

Ketu : Lonely, Becomes Spiritual In Later Life.

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Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, Rakshasa Gana

The 27 constellations of our 12 zodiac signs are divided into 3 parts – Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, Rakshasa Gana. (There are 9 Nakshatras in each gana)

There are 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology, in which each Nakshatra has 4 positions. There are 108 positions in total which are divided into our 12 zodiac signs.

To see Gana, first of all know your Moon Nakshatra. Then see in which pada or phase your Nakshatra comes.

Suppose you belong to Swati Nakshatra, then your Gan is Dev Gan.

Dev Gana –

The people who are born in Ashwini, Mrigashira, Purnavasu, Pushya, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Shravan, Revati Nakshatra, they are the people of Dev Gana.

Sundaron Dan Shilesch Matiman Saral: Always. Devgane Bhavet, who is the less fortunate, Mahapragyo.

The people born in Dev Gana are beautiful, believe in charity, superior in thoughts, intelligent. Simplicity is very dear to them, the work they take a vow to do, they believe in it only after doing it.

Manushya Gana –

The people who are born in Bharani, Rohini, Arda, Purva Phalguni, Uttar Phalguni, Purva Shadha, Uttar Shadha, Purva Bhadrapada, Uttar Bhadrapada, they are the people of Manushya Gana.

Mani Dhani Vishalaksho Lakshayvedhi Dhanurdhar. Attention: Porjan Grahi Jayate Manave Gane.

It means – such a person is self-respecting, wealthy, big-eyed, clever, achieves his goal, archer, planet his fellow people, that is, leaves his mark on them.

Rakshasa Gana –

The people born in Ashlesha, Vishakha, Krittika, Chitra, Magha, Jyeshtha, Mool, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha Nakshatra are considered to be under Rakshana Gana.

Crazy fierce: always quarrelsome. Purusho Dussah Bute Preme Hi Rakshase Gana.

The people of Rakshasa Gana are full of frenzy, always discordant, fierce in appearance, that is, always looking spoiled, recognizing the demerits of others. They also get a premonition of wrong things happening.

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