In this post we are going to learn Phrasal Verbs ‘Take off’ the phrasal verb ‘Take off’ is a vary versatile phrasal verb, with seven different meanings.

Take off # 1

One of the most common uses of ‘take off’ is at airports, when the plane leaves the ground.

In this usage, the phrasal verb is not separable.

  1. ” What time dose the plane take off?”
  2. “If you look over there, you can see the planes taking off.

Take off # 2

  1. ” Oh, this shirt is ridiculous, can you please take off?”
  2. ” Today very warm so I took my jacket off”.

Take off # 3

  1. ” I’m going to take off, see you next day.”
  2. ” I’m just took off after breakfast.”

Take off # 4

  1. ” I’m going to take a holiday off.”
  2. ” Today is my appointment so, can I take one day off.”

Take off # 5

  1. ” Last year this company was amazing- the business really took off!”
  2. ” His career has been taking off now.”

Take off # 6

  1. ” She can take off Margaret Thatcher really well sounds just like her.”
  2. ” Professional mimics are expected to be able to take off several famous people.”

Take off # 7

  1. ” This program was taken off the television.”
  2. ” He was really sad because his show was taken off.”