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“There is” and “There are”

In this post we are going to learn the usage of “there is” and “there are”, and we will also learn, when to use “there is” and “there are”. And that too by example of sentences.

  • We use there to say that something exists.
  • We use there is with a singular subject and there are with a plural subject

For Example:

There is an onion in basket.

There is a cat on the table.

There are many chances to learn at this company.

There are a lot of people in the elevator.

  • We use there is and there are to give new information. We use it is or they are to talk about something that has already been referred to. Compare:
  • There is a parcel at the door for you.     (the first time the present has been mentioned)
  • Riya : What is that you’re carrying?
  • Kiara : It’s a present for my best friend. (it = what Riya is carrying)

We do not use the auxiliary verb do to form questions and negatives with there is and there are:

  • Are there any book for children.
  • There isn’t any book for children.
  • (“There” cannot be left out:)
  • There is a pan of soup and there are some bowls in the kitchen.
  • (NOT There is a pan of soup and are some bowls in the kitchen.)

Now here are some sentences made from “there is” and “there are”:

  • There is one table in the classroom.
  • There is milk in the fridge.
  • There is a good song on the radio.
  • There is not a horse in the field.
  • There is not a tree in the garden.
  • There is not any sugar in my coffee.
  • Is there a new shop in the supermarket?
  • There are three girls in the classroom.
  • There are many people at the bus stop.
  • There are only one day until my birthday.
  • There are not three peacock in the zoo.
  • There are not any trees in my city.


Keep practicing.