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Venus Ruled Nakshatras

  1. Bharini
  2. Purva Phalguni
  3. Purva Ashada

Bharini Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Bharini

Falls : Aries 13.20-26.40

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 13.20 – 16.40, Ruled By Sun

Pada2 : 16.40 – 20.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada3 : 20.00 – 23.20, Ruled By Venus

Pada4 : 23.20 – 26.40, Ruled By Mars

Keywords : Workaholic, Responsibility

Nadi : Pitta, Heat, Fire, Energy

Symbol : Yoni

Lord : Venus Ruled By Lakshmi

Deity : Yama

Caste : Outcast

Aim : Artha, Material Prosperity

Direction : West

Element : Earth

Sounds : Lee, Lu, Lay, Lo

Power : Removing

Bharini Ascendant

Ascendant : Good Health, Medium Height, Hardworking, Courageous, Proud, Pioneer, Likes Sports, Hunting And Firework.

Sun in Bharini

Sun : Exalted Sun, Intelligent, Leader, Authority, Fighter, Tactful, Anger, Pride, Name, And Fame.

Moon in Bharini

Moon : Charismatic, Attractive, Leader, Dutiful, Smart Worker, Investigative Mind, Healer, Likes Occult Science.

Mercury in Bharini

Mercury : Energetic And Passionate Speaker, Relationship, Dating Expert, And Match Maker, Authors, Comedian And Actors Too.

Venus in Bharini

Venus : Fasion, Design, Beauty, Foodie, Sensual, Strong Sex Desire.

Mars in Bharini

Mars : Will Power, Courage, Action Taker, Aggressive, Anger, Fighter, Strong Sex Drive.

Saturn in Bharini

Saturn : Debilitated Saturn, Problems In Relationship With Parents, Good In The Fields Of Construction And Manufacturing.

Jupiter in Bharini

Jupiter : Knowledge Through Relationships And Sensuality. Creative, Designer, Passionate Teacher.

Rahu in Bharini

Rahu : Nurturing And Caring, Practices Yama And Niyama.

Ketu in Bharini

Ketu : Detached In Relationships, No Sexual Desire, Doesn’t Know How To Express.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Purva Phalguni

Falls : Leo 13.20 – 26.40

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 13.20 – 16.40, Ruled By Sun

Pada2 : 16.40 – 20.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada3 : 20.00 – 23.20, Ruled By Venus

Pada4 : 23.20 – 26.40, Ruled By Mars

Keywords : Passion, Freewill

Nadi : Pitta, Heat, Fire, Energy

Symbol : Couch; Hammock; Fig Tree

Lord : Venus Ruled By Lakshmi

Deity : Bhagya/god Of Marital Bliss And Prosperity

Caste : Brahmin

Aim : Kama, Desire

Direction : North

Element : Water

Sounds : Mo, Ta, Ti, Tu

Power : Procreating

Purva Phalguni Ascendant

Ascendant : Creative, Charismatic,balanced Mind, Interested In Music, Dance, Drama. Healthy, Good Looking.

Sun in Purva Phalguni

Sun : Leader, In Government, Royal Qualities, Confident, Self-employed, Generous.

Moon in Purva Phalguni

Moon : Soft Spoken, Love For Beauty, Drama, And Entainment. Creative, Intelligent, Friendly.

Mercury in Purva Phalguni

Mercury : Teacher, Business Mind, Stock Market, Entainment, Amusement.

Venus in Purva Phalguni

Venus : Luxurious, Glamorous, Interested In Arts, Beauty, Theatre. Desire For Sex, Romantic Relationships.

Mars in Purva Phalguni

Mars : Fighter, Athletic, Sportie, Courageous, Egoistic, Enthusiastic, Interested In Romance And Opposite Sex.

Saturn in Purva Phalguni

Saturn : Diffidence, Hidden Enemies, Career Delay And Obstacles.

Jupiter in Purva Phalguni

Jupiter : Interested In Scriptures And Occult. Wealthy, Prosperous, Healthy Married Life.

Rahu in Purva Phalguni

Rahu : Thirst For Name And Fame, Fortune In Public Domain, Sharp Mind, Ego, Administrative, Sudden Gain And Loss, Stubborn.

Ketu in Purva Phalguni

Ketu : In Search Of Enlightenment, Creative, Research, And Occult, Spiritual, Yoga.

Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Nakshatra : Purva Ashadha

Falls : Sagittarius 13.20 – 26.40

Gender : Female

Pada1 : 13.20 – 16.40, Ruled By Sun

Pada2 : 16.40 – 20.00, Ruled By Mercury

Pada3 : 20.00 – 23.20, Ruled By Venus

Pada4 : 23.20 – 26.40, Ruled By Mars

Keywords : Surfing, Juggling

Nadi :

Symbol : Elephant Tusk; Monkey; Bamboo Hand Fan

Lord : Venus Ruled By Lakshmi

Deity : Apah/god Of Water

Caste : Brahmin

Aim : Moksha, Spiritual Liberation

Direction : East

Element : Air

Sounds : Bu, Da, Bha, Dha

Power : Invigorating

Purva Ashadha Ascendant

Ascendant : Interest In Law And Politics, Proud, Healer, High Respect, Faithful To Friends, Humble, Friends And Children.

Sun in Purva Ashadha

Sun : Attractive Look, Name And Fame, Humanitarian, Leadership, Philosophical, Political.

Moon in Purva Ashadha

Moon : Balanced Emotion, Charming Personality, Philosophical, Loyal In Friendship And Relationship.,

Mercury in Purva Ashadha

Mercury : Teacher, Counselor, Higher Education, Learned Communicator, Analytical, Troublesome Relationship.

Venus in Purva Ashadha

Venus : Higher Education, Teacher, Counselor, Explores Cultures Around The World, Foodie, Traveler, Good Friends.

Mars in Purva Ashadha

Mars : Nurses, Guide, Coaches, Lab Tester, Competitive, Zealous, Sometimes Harsh Spoken.

Saturn in Purva Ashadha

Saturn : Obstacles In Gaining Higher Education, Higher Education In The Fields Of Technology, Medicine, And Law. Practical, Teacher, Can Also Get Harsh Teachers And Seniors.

Jupiter in Purva Ashadha

Jupiter : Higher Education, Good Teacher & Professor, Polished Behaviour, Good At Reasoning, Foodie, Creative And Wealthy.

Rahu in Purva Ashadha

Rahu : Obsessed In Gaining Higher And Specified Education, Always Learning New Things, Education In Fields Of Finance, Design And Arts. Later In Life Spiritual.

Ketu in Purva Ashadha

Ketu : Higher Education In Fields Of Spirituality And Occult Science. Looks For Inner Wisdom, Curious And Always Learning Something New.