If you’re looking for best video SEO tools to rank your videos on YouTube and on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are three types of tools that you need for video SEO. The first kind of tool is to help you find easy to rank keywords with search volume and related keywords as well. Second type of video SEO tool is to help you find other videos that are ranking for the same keyword and phrase this type of tool lets you steal your competitors’ video tags and video description. The third type of video SEO tool is to help you create backlinks to your video and which is also called offline video SEO.

  1. Video keyword research  tools
  2. Video competitors analysis and spy tool
  3. Video off page SEO link building tool

I assume that you want to optimise your self hosted videos on your website or you want to optimise your videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, or Facebook videos.

Here are a few video optimization basics that you should follow irrespective of platform. 

  1. Make your video for targeted audience 
  2. Include the keywords and phrases in the video script that your audience uses to search the video on the web
  3. Use video meta tag writing software
  4. Video title must be the keyword and phrase that you are targeting to rank for
  5. Compress video file size
  6. Render your videos for smartphones
  7. Embed your videos on your website and let others do too

To increase the engagement on your videos, your intention in the video should be helping your viewers achieve what they are trying to.

If you are self hosting your videos, your video content must be more resourceful than the videos on YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion.

Remember all the optimisation will work for a short period of time if your content is not helpful for your visitors and viewers.

And if you are not optimising your videos and your content is helpful, your videos will eventually rack after some period of time without any optimisation done, but this happens only if you videos are on YouTube because YouTube algorithms start recommending your video content to gather engagement data to figure out who is your video for and what it should rank for.

If you follow everything that I have mentioned above your videos will start ranking if you are targeting easy to rank keywords in other words if there is less competition.

However if you want to expedite the video ranking process then you need video SEO tools that I am going to quickly list below.

Video Optimization Tools

First thing first you need to figure out what keywords and phrases need to be targeted in your video, for that you will need a video keyword research tool. For this people generally use the keyword research tools for YouTube, So there are few tools that have this feature specifically for  YouTube keyword research. 

Most reliable keyword research tool is available with Ahrefs, if you are already using it for your website, you can simply use YouTube keyword research feature to find high volume and easy to rank keywords for your video SEO campaign.

Otherwise you can buy a $100 per month Ahrefs subscription, if we cannot afford $100 a month or you want to save some money then I have a shared tools service provider that offers Ahrefs at just $15 a month. But this has a few limitations, like you cannot add your website to monitor ranking changes. 

YouTube Video SEO Tools

As I mentioned in the very first paragraph that there are two that will help you optimise your YouTube videos and spy your competitors at the same time. Remember you can use these tools on YouTube to steal your competitors meta tags and meta description to rank on YouTube and get recommendations to videos and in some cases to get external traffic to your YouTube videos.

External Views 

If you do not know what external traffic is, let me tell you –  people embed their videos on their website and when visitors finish watching these embed videos externally on websites, YouTube by default recommends relevant videos and your video might get views from external recommendations.This is also called external views. 

I personally have a few videos on my channel that get more than 80% of views from external sources.

So here’s a quick list of tools to optimise your YouTube videos

So far we have done on page video SEO except embedding video on external sources that is not on page SEO that is off page video SEO. 

The more people embed your videos on their websites and other social media platforms the quicker you get a ranking boost but if you video doesn’t have engagement, off page optimisation won’t make any sense. 

To trick Google and YouTube algorithms, people create fake engagement on their videos and blog posts and that also works for a certain period of time if your competitor does have engagement on their videos and blog posts.

So that’s it for this post if you have any questions or suggestions please leave the comment below,  I will try to answer them as soon as I can. 

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