What clothes are considered to be Vintage?

Vintage clothing term is a term to define clothes and clothing accessories belonging to the previous era, specifically since World War-1. In other words any cloth and clothing accessories originating from previous to previous generation, specifically the clothes and clothing accessories worn by the royal families and the aristocratic families around the world. Vintage design and patterns belonging to the Royal families of the United Kingdom and Australia have been in high demand for long. 

In other parts of the world vintage clothing means anything that is from the previous era and  also were designed and stitched in the previous era but somehow they are still in good condition and can be sold for a very good price. You might find vintage jewellery and sports wear in some parts of the world from the previous era,  these Vintage clothing, sportswears, jewelries are available online on some eCommerce stores like eBay or you can find these vintage accessories and clothes in museums around the world, mostly in Europe.

Vintage Clothing Venders Around the World

But you will find there are multiple E-Commerce vendors selling completely brand new clothes and accessories designed in vintage style. This clearly means that people are basically using the old vintage designs and patterns to create new clothes and also trying to to modernize the Vintage clothing, accessories and designs with modern textures and textiles.

There are two reasons why people want to buy vintage clothing. The first one is that vintage clothing is cheaper than today’s modernised branded clothes and the other reason is there are many people who want to look different by wearing vintage clothes and accessories.

Whatever the reason is, if there is a demand you can sell vintage clothes and Accessories and there is a chance this  demand can increase in the younger generation too. 

Vintage clothes are in demand in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, USA and in some parts of Europe.

Start Your Vintage Clothing Business

vintage 1930 clothes

If you want to start your vintage clothing business and I have no idea how you can start your vintage clothing business then here is a quick guide to start your vintage clothing business from anywhere around the world. 

First thing first you can start your vintage clothing business from your home,  you can start online using platforms like woocommerce shopify or you can start selling your vintage clothes on social commerce websites like Facebook.

The real problem is sourcing your vintage clothings and accessories. Depending upon where your customers are and where you want to sell vintage clothes and accessories you will first have to figure out what designs can be sold in your area. Initially it may take some time and you can only understand by selling products only. 

Vintage Clothing in Bulk

So you can buy certain vintage clothes and accessories in bulk (that are already in trend and in demand) from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China. But you want to make sure that these are custom built and the quality Clothes is good. And at the same time  affordable as well.

Vintage Wholesalers

I know a few handpicked Vintage clothing and accessories wholesalers here in New Delhi and surrounding areas that have been exporting vintage clothes in bulk to countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. 

I can help you find a good wholesaler in Delhi NCR, India, that can export vintage clothes in bulk at better price in less quantity too.

So if you’re looking for vintage clothing wholesalers nx4 vintage clothes and accessories to your business wherever you are in the world;  please get in touch with MI by commenting below or you can reach me at [email protected]

Bulk Vintage Sweatshirts

During the winter season vintage sweatshirts are sold the most and if you are a business owner and looking for vintage sweatshirts in bulk at a better price Then please let us know your estimated quantity for export and types of clothes  to start the negotiation.

Branded Vintage Clothing

There are many people looking for branded vintage clothing and the reason branch don’t design and produce vintage close because  vintage close and accessories cannot be sold at very higher price and it’s not going to be trendy in mainstream so that the reason why branded clothes are not available however you can build your own brand that might sell vintage close at cheaper price. 

Because one of the reasons why people buy vintage clothes is that vintage clothes are supposed to be cheaper. 

Vintage Denim Jackets

One of the most popular vintage clothes is denim jackets and it’s always in demand. If you want to start your own  online or offline vintage clothing business then selling denim jackets would be a smart decision.

Finding a vintage denim jacket wholesaler is a time consuming process and there is a chance you will not find a reliable wholesale supplier; this is where we come in the picture we help you find the highly reliable vintage wholesale suppliers from within our neighbourhood.