What is VLC Media Player? Anyway?

In case you do not know what is a VLC media player is. Let me explain to you what really is VLC media player. VML media player is feature-rich, fully customization media player and video streaming software, which is also open-source (free). At the same time, it can be installed on most of the operating systems. In other words, it is a cross-platform media player and video streaming software. This is freely available for both desktop operating systems and mobile platforms and can be found at every major app store; Windows Store, Google Play Store, iOS, iPad, MacOS App Store, Chrome OS, AppleTV, and Gnome software center for most of the Linux bistros. Distro means the operating system in the Linux world. VLC can be downloaded from VideoLan website, as well.

VLC media player

VLC stands for VideoLan Client. It was developed by VideoLan and was released under GNU licence and now it is distributed under GPL licence.

Some of the Noticeable Features of VLC Media Player

VLC media player plays all the video, sound, and file formats with its inbuilt robust compatibility feature. Its user interface, also called skin, can be customized to the user’s liking, and in fact, it ships with a few skins already.

Here are some of the inbuilt features of VLC Media Player that I like and use…

VLC Plays YouTube and SoundCloud

VML media player features

The most amazing feature of VLC media player that I like is that you can play videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and podcasts, songs from audiomask, SoundCloud, and HearThis directly in VLC media player. Just copy the URL of online video, podcast and song and paste it in VLC Media Player randomly anywhere, it will download and play your online media with no ads whatsoever. But, you still can not search YouTube or SoundCloud with VLC Media Player.

VLC Media Player Playlist

VLC media player work like other media player software, but it has a better user interface.

Anything that you play in VLC media player it gets added to the user-friendly — playlist, so if you would like to replay anything that you have watched or listened to. To replay them, you double click, and it starts.

VLC Records Video and Takes Screenshots

While you are playing video in VLC media player, you can record part of the video and take a screenshot at any point of time.

VLC Effects & Filters 

VLC Media Player comes with effects and filters for audio, video, and synchronization.

Plugins & Extensions

The inbuilt features of VLC Media Player are good enough for most users, but if you are an advanced user or you want to explore VLC plugins and extensions to customize and extend VLC experience. You can easily find them by clicking Plugins & Extensions from Tools and search for plugins, extensions, and addons.

VLC Plays Internet Radio Stations, Podcasts and jamendo Selections

VLC Media player plays radio and podcasts

You can also play online Radio Stations, your favorite Podcasts, and trending Jamendo Selections.

One Thing that I did not like initially 

The bad thing about VLC is that it offers lots of tools and customization features that a new user or not-technical person can not get along with it at first, but I am pretty sure you start liking it soon.