This post will help you check system compatibility for Windows 11 which is yet to be rolled out by the late 2021.

To check compatibility you simply have to install Windows Health Check app from and then run it on your system to find out whether your system is compatible for Windows 11.

Download Windows Compatibility Checker App

Simply download and install Windows 11 compatibility checker app on your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 to find out whether your system is ready for Windows 11.

If you system happens to be compatible for Windows 11; you’ll get free upgrade and if doesn’t then you’ll keep receiving Windows 10 updates.

Watch me Install Windows Health Check App and run it on my system to check Windows 11 compatibility.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

Windows 11 comes with a lot of new features that will include use of latest technologies like HDR, Augmented Reality, gaming, Android App on Windows Store and much more.

Other feature specific hardware requirement could found here at Microsoft Windows 11 page

Graphics Card For Windows 11

Most probably your system is missing a compatible graphic card for Windows 11. I have curated a list of graphic cards for Windows 11 that you can view here.

Processors (CPU) for Windows 11

if you system is old, was build long back then you might consider upgrading your processor (CPU) too. I have curated a list of Intel processor that will enable other hardware specific feature of Windows 11 that you cannot get with other CPUs.

You can find a list of CPUs for Windows 11 here.

5G Modem for Windows 11

If your system does not have 5G modem then Windows 11 use amazing 5G feature on Windows 11. This is one of hardware specific feature that would not want to avoid if you would like to use 5G internet on Windows 11.

You need to have 5G modem on your system.