This post will help you add/link your YouTube Channel to Google Analytics properties.

I assure that you already have a YouTube channel and you have signed up for Google Analytics account as well. If you have not either, please create a YouTube channel and sign up for Google Analytics account.

Copy your YouTube channel URL

If you already have a YouTube Channel, go ahead and launch your web browser and type in the URL bar and hit enter button on your keyboard and browser will redirect you to your YouTube channel.

Now, you are on your YouTube channel dashboard page, here you simply click the channel logo on the left top and this click will open a new browser tab with your YouTube public channel URL.

Copy your YouTube public channel URL.

Create A New Google Analytics Property

Login to your Google Analytics account and on the left bottom and click Admin button with gear icon.

Now, click Create Property button in the middle.

Select web to measure a website, scroll down and click continue

Add YouTube Channel URL to Google Analytics

Now, you have to type your website name, add website URL, select industry category, select reporting time zone and click Create to create your YouTube Channel property.

  1. Website Name = YouTube Channel Name
  2. Website URL = YouTube Channel URL
  3. Industry Category = Select as per your channel content
  4. Reporting Time Zone = Select your country name

Add GA Tracking ID to Your Channel

Once you click the Create button, you’ll be landing on the Tracking Id page, here copy the entire Tracking ID and head to your YouTube channel dashboard page.

Channel Advanced Settings Page

Visit click Settings on the left bottom then click Channel then Advanced settings and then click Advanced channel settings

Paste GA Tracking ID

As soon as you the advanced channel setting link, it will open a new browser tab. Now, scroll down and paste the Google Analytics Tracking ID and click save button and you are all set.

Watch me add my YouTube channel to Google Analytics