My name is Amulya and you are watching my YouTube channel and in this video I just wanted to show you. what you can do with any form and Zoho CRM so basically what you can do if you use the CRM and you have a blog or a a website where you have a form people fill in the form and submit the form to create an account or do anything so if you’d like to have that send to CRM like Zoho CRM you can do that so it could be a game changer for a lot of businesses out there if you’re not using it so this you can see basically I can add some of the custom fields and this form is very big okay and you can see you can add few custom Fields as well. uh this is my just a trial account it has some limitations but I was able to add four custom accounts sorry four custom fields and insert data from API so you can see this is the list basically list of all the Customs sorry form Fields including four custom fields so you can see here you can create custom fields and then it’s just loading okay so if you have a four website that the template can be accessed and edited not the side Builders like mix and other Cycles as long as you have access to the theme files and templates and the form the form okay data I can go ahead and get the data into your CRM through API calls so I tried this Postman to test it and it’s working you can see it is working all right so these are the data and they get added to use CRM contacts similarly you can create leads. okay leads if you want to have a look at leads or data there are in the leads similar data okay. like form you see similar data it has to mandatory Fields last name and Company but the contacts just one matter did pretty field which is last name okay so this is leads and this is contacts okay so if you need any help in this process of getting data from your website form to Zoho CRM you can contact me and if you have any questions just leave in the comment or you can email me thank you bye for now