Regular Verbs and Irregular Verbs

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post, in this post we are going to learn about Regular Verbs and Irregular Verbs it is very commonly used in English language, and also it is very important. I hope you all know what is a verb? Still, I want to tell you all, A verb is the […]

Most common Synonyms for IELTS

In this post, we will go through the most common words and their synonyms, which I or you both use in our day to day conversation. Amazing Awesome Incredible Shocking  Wonderful Unbelievable     Bad Sad Poor Awful Cheap Crummy Rough Unacceptable   Answer Response Result Solution  Statement  Justification    […]


In this post we will learn when Capital Letters are used, and what is Punctuation and how many are these types, how to use it’s and when to use it Capital letters are used: •To begin a sentence.   For example:  He is playing hockey. • To begin the names and surnames of persons. For […]

The 9 Big Parts of Speech

In this post we are going to learn very interesting and very important Parts of speech these are very helpful for English learn. Noun Pronoun Verb Adverb Adjective Article Conjunction Preposition Interjection Nouns and Pronouns Nouns and Pronouns are used to give a subject to our speaking. They are amongst the most common words in […]

How to Download Instagram Video as MP4 Format

This is post will help you download Instagram video as MP 4 format. There is a video walkthrough at the bottom at of the post. Copy the Instagram post/video link by tapping three dots on the right top. Copy Instagram Post URL Open in your preferred web browser Paste the Instagram video link here […]

How to Print All Pyramid Patters With Python

Here is a quick approach to print pyramid patterns with Python Programming Language. It’s a simple and easy approach that anyone can easily understand and try on their own. I am taking rows value in every for loop, but I have just mentioned once on the very first code block. However, I had to update the code blocks with […]