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How to Configure & Generate Magento XML Sitemap

Magento xml sitemap

This post will quickly help you generate xml sitemap on your Magento 2.x store and access the sitemap URL. There are two steps to be followed – first is to set-up the sitemap and second is to generate the xml sitemap with Magento xml sitemap generator.

Configure Magento XML sitemap

  1. Login to Magento/admin
  2. Configure XML Sitemap

Stores > Configuration > XML Sitemap

Save Config….

This is only first step..

Now, we can generate the sitemap..


Generate SML Sitemap

Marketing > SEO & Search

Site Map > Add Sitemap

file name & path


Click Generate Action


You can have more than one XML sitemap.


That’s all!!

Video: Generate XML Sitemap for Magento 2

Generate XML Sitemap for Magento 2