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install kazam on fedora

How to Install Kazam on Fedora 30/31

What is Kazam

Kazam is a simple screen recording program that will capture the content of your screen and record a video file that can be played by any video player that supports VP8/WebM video format. Optionally you can record sound from any sound input device that is supported and visible by PulseAudio. – Source pkgs.org

Download Kazam for Fedora 30

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rpmsphere/noarch/master/k/kazam-1.4.5-10.3.noarch.rpm

Install rpmsphere-release rpm

sudo rpm -Uvh kazam-1.4.5-10.3.noarch.rpm

Install kazam on fedora 30

sudo dnf install kazam

Launch Kazam from terminal


Or Launch Kazam from Applications


To remove kazam from fedora 30

sudo dnf remove kazam -y

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