I’ll Add Fix Missing Facebook Microdata Tags on WooCommerce WordPress


I will install Facebook open-graph microdata tags on WooCommerce WordPress and sync WooCommerce products on Facebook Shop

If Facebook shop integration is supported in your country, I’ll go ahead and sync your WooCommerce Products on your Facebook Page Shop.


This integration will let you leverage the power of Facebook and increase sales.

  • Install Facebook Open-graph on WordPress WooCommerce
  • Install Facebook Pixel
  • Verify Your Store Domain on Facebook Business
  • Sync WooCommerce Products on Facebook Page Shop

Errors listed below will also be fixed

  • Required microdata tags are needed to be installed into the website
  • A required field is missing: id
  • A required field is missing: image_link
  • These fields have missing information: google_product_category

Please let me know if you have any question

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I’ll install Facebook OG microdata tags on your WooCommerce store. Sync products on Facebook Shop.

I’ll install Facebook microdata tags for all products on WooCommerce

If your product is missing the Facebook Microdata meta tags, this gig will add the missing microdata tags, additional meta tags like Google Product category and product quantity for Facebook catalog.


Products on your website can’t be automatically added to your catalog because of these issues.


A required field is missing: id

A required field is missing: price

A required field is missing: availability


Products are added to your catalog without key information that impacts your ad campaign performance.


These fields have missing information: google_product_category

quantity_to_sell_on_facebook for Facebook shop/catalogs

If you have any question, feel free to message me.


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