I’ll do Shopify Theme Update/Upgrade to Store 2.0

Original price was: $80.Current price is: $75.


Want to leverage Shopify Store 2.0 templates with your old theme that does not support it yet?

Without compromising with the look and feel of your existing store, speed up your store page load to improve Web Vital score and keep your visitors happy and make all pages customizable with Store 2.0 template architecture.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Shopify Theme Update/Upgrade to OS 2.0

Looking for a Shopify theme developer to update/upgrade your vintage/old theme to latest Shopify latest OS 2.0 architecture?

Let me know your requirements to have it upgraded/updated to OS 2.0 JSON templates in longer than a week of time.

There are two options for updating an old vintage to latest JSON powered OS 2.0 theme.

Update the existing theme architecture to OS 2.0 JSON architecture

This option will same time and also money but if you want a completely upgrade to OS 2.0 theme then this option is not suggested as it’ll carry over the old vintage liquid tags that might be deprecated in the future.

Update to a New OS 2.0 theme like DAWN

The other option is to change the theme and customize it to look like the current store front. This may take a bit longer and also cost a bit extra money but this is the best way to upgrade/update to OS 2.0 as the DAWN theme is built with latest liquid tags, uses web-components, and wrapped-in with OS 2.0 (architecture) JSON templates.

Build Private App for Custom Blocks

If you have custom blocks on your existing store then I would suggest you should build your custom app to carry them over to the new store. This makes easy upgrade in the future on OS 2.0 architecture.

You can have a look at Shopify Store 2.0 Theme Dawn

This video demonstrate a custom Shopify template for page, which is just $50 per template. This template would look and feel different from the default one.


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