Look Collocation

Learn all most common Collocation of Look, which is very common word used but I don’t see using expressive collocation with loop..

Which nouns don’t have plural form?

In this post we are going to learn some nouns which don’t have plural form? And in this post will also learn how to use these nouns in a sentence? Some nouns in English are ‘uncountable’. This means they do not have a plural form. Some common uncountable nouns are: Advice, advertising, work, food, furniture, […]

Food Related Collocational Words

List of collocational world for food that is the most used word around the world. If you want to become an advanced level English writer or speaker then consider reading Food Collocational words and most importantly start using them in your day to day English Speaking and Writing. Good luck!! 🙂 Delicious Food  Excellent Food […]

Ability Collocations

Here are a few collocations of ‘ability’ with examples. I am going first list most commonly used adjectives with ‘ability’ used and expressed by native English speakers. Commonly used adjectives with ability Exceptional ability Extraordinary ability Great ability Outstanding ability Remarkable ability Uncanny ability Inherent ability Innate ability Natural ability Proven ability Academic ability Acting […]

Abandon Collocation

Abandon collocational usage with common adverbs: Completely, Hastily, Entirely, Altogether, Effectively, Largely, Finally, For more adverbs and usage; please watch the free video below.