How to set up Shopify store on Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping and also sync products automatically

shopify store products on facebook and instagram

With Shopify Store we can reach millions of customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and surprisingly it doesn’t require you to be a developer, once you have set up your Shopify store with Facebook shop and Instagram; everything automatically syncs across the channels.  As you can see  more and more people are … Read more

How to Add ads.txt to Shopify

Hello friends, on this page I am going to show you how to add ads.txt to shopify stores in two simple steps. I assume that you already have created your ads.txt e file on your system and also logged into your shopify admin dashboard. To add ads.txt to your shopify store you simply click on … Read more

How to Upload Products in Bulk To Shopify

Hello and welcome my name is amulya and in this post I’m going to show you how to add products in bulk to your shopify store. So let’s get started I assume that you already know how to add a single product using shopify user interface. So simply go ahead and log into shopify admin … Read more