How to Create WordPress Theme from Scratch

How to develop WordPress theme from scratch step by step. WordPress Theme Development from scratch 2017 tutorial for beginners. Make your own WordPress theme. WordPress index.php footer.php header sidebar nav bar the_title the_permalink the_category style.css

WordPress : How to Add Category to Menu

How to add a category to the main menu in WordPress. I am adding my WordPress categories to main nav bar and making child categories as the submenu. create category, subcategory, then delete the category from the menu. Download WordPress Download XAMPP SERVER

WordPress: How to Create Sub-Menu

How to Create Sub Menu in WordPress Login to your WordPress Admin areaGo to AppearanceGo to MenuSelect the pages you want to add to sub menuClick Add to MenuNow, drag these menus under desired menu buttonClick Save Menu That is all. Now, you go ahead to visit your website to check your sub menu.