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Drupal PWA – Installation & Configuration

drupal pwa installation and configuration

This tutorial will help you install and configure Progressive Web App (drupal pwa) module on Drupal 8. The only requirement is your website needs to have SSL installed and configured properly. Get the PWA Module Download URL You can get PWA module for Drupal 7 & 8 from the following link Install Drupal PWA Module … Read more

How to Create Internal Links in WordPress


What are Internal Links? Internal links are type of hyperlinks, basically html anchor tag links that direct a site-visitor to a desired, yet relevant, page, post, product, services, a relevant term, image, video etc within the website and sometimes on the same page. Creating Internal Links means breaking your content into meaningful distributable pieces. To … Read more

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How to Recover MS PowerPoint Files – Lost/Unsaved


This tutorial will help you recover lost/unsaved Microsoft Office PowerPoint files. In case of PowerPoint accidentally closed down or you deleted the PPT file and now you want to recover it. This page may help you recover your hours of PowerPoint work done. Technology Disclaimer: I will be demonstrating the PowerPoint recovery process on Windows … Read more

How to Change Logo in WordPress

change wordpress logo

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to change logo in WordPress theme. I going to assume that you are using the latest version of WordPress, WP 5.0 and above. Follow the following steps in order to change logo in WordPress theme. Login with WordPress admin username/password In a new browser tab, … Read more

How to Recover Microsoft Word Files – lost/unsaved

recover ms office word files

This tutorial will help you recover Microsoft Word files, only the unsaved and lost files can be recovered with this method, in some cases, accidentally deleted MS Office files can also be recovered. This is an inbuilt AutoRecover method in Microsoft Office, which available in MS Office 2013 and above. This demonstration will be done … Read more