Best Webcam Software for Windows 10

There are hundreds of open source and paid webcam softwares for Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems today, with varying features. I am going to list a few of the best, light weight, feature rich webcam software for Microsoft Windows users. I have used these webcam software myself on my system and I find them better […]

Fixed: WordPress is Asking for FTP Credentials

I installed a WordPress site on with EasyEngine and had WordPress asking for FTP username and password and also images were not being displayed after migrating this WordPress site from other web server. To fix all I had to just give write permission to the WordPress Root Folder and a WP constant to wp-config.php file. […]

How to Install Magento 2.3.x on Server

Before you start installing Magento on your web hosting server, make sure you have PHP 7.3 set as default version and you also want to make sure that required php extensions including pdo_mysql, openssl are enabled on your server.

Affordable WordPress Theme & Plugin Developers

wordpress theme plugin developer

If you need a custom wordpress plugin for your business requirement; these top wordpress developers can help you develop custom wordpress themes and plugins following the wordpress development standard.

Gem Install Rails Bundler Without Documentation

no doc gem no ri

Make your ruby Gem install and Bundler update ruby gems like crazy fast with new commands. This will let you install rails and all other gems install without documentation. gem install rails –no-docs does not work. Install Gem Without rdoc and ri The old –no-rdoc and –no-ri have been merged into one –no-document Create .gemrc […]

How to install WordPress on Shared Hosting

This post will help you install WordPress on a Shared Hosting Server using cPanel. I’ll be using to demonstrate the WordPress installation. As you might already know that cPanel is a popular web hosting management GUI based interface that lets you install any CMS like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Abanta Shop, Open Real Estate, WordPress […]

EasyEngine to Install Multiple WordPress Sites on Ubuntu or Debian Server

host multiple wordpress on cloud

This post will help install multiple WordPress sites, blogs and stores with EasyEngine on your choice of Cloud Hosting service provider. In the process, you will realize that installing and managing WordPress on the Cloud is much easier than you might have imagined of. Your server does not need to have any package preinstalled and […]