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HTML 5 All Input Data Types

In this post you will learn all HTML 5 <input> data types, all you need to know. I am going to write each html input data type code and attach screenshot for visual understanding. I would suggest that you fire up your favorite text editor and wed browser and code along me. Let’s dive in… … Read more

How to Migrate WordPress to Drupal 9

I just migrated my WordPress to Drupal 9 and it was not easy that’s what I can say.. Because I had installed multiples modules and many were not compatible when I installed them for the first time. Here is the list of modules that need to be installed. Make sure you have installed Drupal 9 … Read more

Installing Drush with Composer Globally on Ubuntu 20.04

This post will help you install Drush globally on Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 and Ubuntu Server with Composer. Go ahead and launch your terminal and run the following commands. Update Ubuntu Install PHP cli and unzip exts Install Composer on Ubuntu Add Latest HASH to Composer installation Verify Composer HASH You should see the latest Composer … Read more

Affordable SEO Tools for Businesses & Marketers

SEO tools are costly for a lot of new bloggers, small businesses, and SEO learners as well. And it is almost impossible to start a blog, eCommerce store, or business website without conducting proper search, knowing your competitors, finding relevant and easy to rank keywords and phrases. And finally tracking your page rankings for target … Read more