Enable opcache on XAMPP Server

To enable opcache in XAMPP, launch your xampp control panel, stop the apache server and open php.ini file by clicking config and going to php.ini file. Press control + f and type opcache to find the following line and uncomment it. Last and but not the least, scroll down to the very end of php.ini […]

PHP While Loop in HTML

This post will help you understand how to use PHP while loop to traverse and display MySQL table data in HTML. I have two tables in my MySQL database, named categories and brands that I want to view on html/php pages using PHP while loop. I assure that you have established your MySQL database connection […]

How to Add Specialty Store Schema Markup to eCommerce

speciality store schema markup

This post will help you add custom JSON-LD schema markup to your Shopify store. As you might already know that Shopify store websites already ships integrated default store JSON-LD schema markup but if you have a speciality eCommerce store and services that you sell online. You must let Google know about the type of store […]

YouTube Video SEO Tools

video seo tools

If you’re looking for best video SEO tools to rank your videos on YouTube and on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. There are three types of tools that you need for video SEO. The first kind of tool is to help you find easy to rank keywords with search volume and related […]

How to host multiple WordPress websites on the cloud

host multiple wordpress on cloud

I finally got fed up with shared web hosting service providers and was able to figure out how to host multiple wordpress sites on the cloud at just $5 a month. I have full control over the server,  my websites load faster, I have a dedicated IP address, SSL is also installed and renewed automatically.  […]

Fixed – uncaught error call to undefined function mysql_connect()

If you are getting following error on your Windows OS then chances are that you have some php and mysql configuration issues. I was getting Uncaught Error Call to undefined function mysql_connect() on my Windows 10 and had XAMPP and PHP8 installed additionally and my additional PHP8 was set to the system’s path. Download PHP […]

List of Bots that Spy Your Website Content

Here is a list of search engine bots and SEO spy tool bots that have been hitting my one of my websites the most though I have blocked a few ubint cloudflare firewall. I trying to figure out how to block Chinese bots and SEO tool box. Will update once I have successfully blocked unwanted […]

Logitech Webcam C525: Should You Buy it?| Honest Review

logitech c525 review

This Logitech C525 webcam is more like Logitech webcam B525, which is available amazon.com. C525 claims to have noise cancellation but there is no noise reduction on Windows 10. However, when I use it on Ubuntu with noise-cancel feature enabled it works. But that is a feature with Linux Ubuntu. I have used Logitech webcam […]

Drupal 8 Theme Development

drupal theme development

Drupal 8 Theme Development tutorial for Drupal site builders. This is going to be a quick guide on building Drupal 8 theme from scratch. It that’s what you are looking for then this post will help achieve in easy way. It’s going to be a Drupal 8 starter theme. This post is a quick guide […]

Google 2021 Algorithm Update

Google on November 10th 2020 announced that there will be a new algorithm update rolled in May 2021, that will consider page experience as a ranking factor;  that means  if your site doesn’t pass web vital scores and your pages load slow and if your competitors site load faster than your competitor mitring higher than you. […]