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How to Add Meta Tags to Shopify

This post will help you add meta tags to your Shopify store. There are developers around the world might charge your hundreds of dollars. So if you own a shopify store this is important to master basic day to day tasks to save some money and time. To add meta tags to Shopify store, we … Read more

How to Add Adsense to Shopify

This post will help you add and place Google adsense custom ad code to your shopify store. If you are getting a lot of traffic but not converting then monetizing your store with adsense might be a good source of income. I assume that your shopify store is already approved by Google adsense team and … Read more

How to Add Store Type Schema Markup to Shopify Niche Store

shopify store niche schema markup

This post will help add a store type schema markup to your Shopify store, I am going to use JSON-LD format to demonstrate it. Since JSON-LD format is suggested by Google and also used as a default format in Shopify theme. Why Add Store Type Markup If your shopify store is in a specific niche … Read more

Enable opcache on XAMPP Server

To enable opcache in XAMPP, launch your xampp control panel, stop the apache server and open php.ini file by clicking config and going to php.ini file. Press control + f and type opcache to find the following line and uncomment it. Last and but not the least, scroll down to the very end of php.ini … Read more

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PHP While Loop in HTML

This post will help you understand how to use PHP while loop to traverse and display MySQL table data in HTML. I have two tables in my MySQL database, named categories and brands that I want to view on html/php pages using PHP while loop. I assure that you have established your MySQL database connection … Read more

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