Add ibus Sanskrit/Hindi to Linux [TRANS] on Debian Based Ubuntu, LinuxMint

This workd on my LinuxMint desktop. This might work on Debian based all distros. To Switch Language Input Ibus preferences Keyborad Shortcuts …. click dots on the right Select the mofifier key add key code hit apply and okay You can also add and delete key shortcuts. Add ibus to system start-up list Install gnome […]

How to Type Hindi Half Letter on Windows 10

windows 10 hindi keyboard layout

I started learning Sanskrit grammar just few days ago and wanted to start typing in Hindi, So installed the Hindi language pack on my Windows 10 desktop. But, when I had to reply to people in Hindi I had hard time typing half letter and few other variations with the help of Windows 10 Hindi […]

WordPress Block Theme Development

I wanted to explore the ease of developing the latest block based WordPress theme, so, I first went ahead and checked if underscroses dot me, which is a Automatic – the company behind WordPress dot com, backed up theme boilerplace for building WordPress themes and it follows the best practices by default. But _s is […]