How to Upgrade to Windows 11 for Free

Upgrade to Windows 11

Hello Windows lovers, in this post I am going to show you how you can upgrade your Windows operating system to Windows 11 for free. To upgrade Windows laptops and Desktops to Windows 11 – the Minimum hardware requirements are as follows and if your system meets the minimum hardware requirements which we are going […]

Windows 11 System Requirement: Check Compatibility

windows 11

This post will help you check system compatibility for Windows 11 which is yet to be rolled out by the late 2021. To check compatibility you simply have to install Windows Health Check app from and then run it on your system to find out whether your system is compatible for Windows 11. Download […]

Add Facebook Audience Network Banner Ad to Flutter App

I am going to add facebook_audience_network flutter plugin with the following command. I am planning to add banner ad to details screen; after installing facebook ad plugin to my flutter app now I can import its code my details screen like below. To serve ads I need to create StatefulWidget. You will have to change […]

Deploy Flutter App with Android Studio

Sign Flutter App in Android Studio Launch Flutter app with Android Studio Click Tools > Flutter > Open for Editing in Android Studio Let it load the build tools Click Build > Generate Signed Bundle/APK Click Next to Generate Sign App Key Select Release and click Finish Keep key name and password handy Create […]

Abandon Collocation

Abandon collocational usage with common adverbs: Completely, Hastily, Entirely, Altogether, Effectively, Largely, Finally, For more adverbs and usage; please watch the free video below.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

When we find (se rahi thi, se chal rahe the, se raha tha..) at the end of hindi sentences, we call them Past perfect continuous tense. With both Singular & P luralSubjects : had been + V-ing Affirmative Sentences SUB + had + been + (V-ing) + Object + for/since. Negative Sentences SUB + had […]

Past Perfect Tense

HAD for plural and singular numbers + V_3rd When we find (chuka tha, chuke the, chuki thi, ya tha, ee thi, ey the) at the end of any sentence we call it Past Perfect Tense. We use HAD with both singular and plural numbers with V_3rd. Affirmative Sentences Subject + had + V_3rd + Object. […]

Past Continuous Tense

Singular Number: WAS + V_ing (He/She/It) Plural Number: WERE + V_ing (we, they, I, you) When we find (rha tha, rhi thi, the the, na tha) at the end of any sentence, we call it past continuous tense and with plural numbers we use WERE and with singular number WAS with ing form verb. Affirmative […]

Past Indefinite Tense

When you find any sentence ending with (aa, ee, e) that is past indefinite tense, and we use the 2nd form of the verb with both singular and plural numbers.  eg.  I watched tele for two hours yesterday. He slept for 10 hours yesternight. Affirmative Sentence Subject + (V-2nd) + Object. Negative Sentence Subject + […]

Past Tense

Contact Live Present Tense Tutor at [email protected] – In this past tense section you will learn sentence identification, sentence structure and types of sentences of past simple, past indefinite, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous. Past Indefinite Tense You will learn to identify past indefinite tense sentences, structure of past indefinite sentences, and […]