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SEO Service for Local Business and Service Provider

Client – Service Provider I’m a home services provider specializing in local handyman and plumbing services and my website is relatively new – actually 6 months now. I have only one article posted, but have several drafted and will be working on a schedule to post them live. How can your services work for me? … Read more

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Schema Markup for eCommerce and Local Business Store

schema markup for e-commerce

Depending on what  products and services you are selling on your eCommerce website schema markup will differ for each product type and services. The process of implementing schema markup on your website may be  easy or hard depending on what CMS you are using to sell your product and services online.  But once you have … Read more

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List of Bots that Spy Your Website Content

Here is a list of search engine bots and SEO spy tool bots that have been hitting my one of my websites the most though I have blocked a few ubint cloudflare firewall. I trying to figure out how to block Chinese bots and SEO tool box. Will update once I have successfully blocked unwanted … Read more

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Google 2021 Algorithm Update

Google on November 10th 2020 announced that there will be a new algorithm update rolled in May 2021, that will consider page experience as a ranking factor;  that means  if your site doesn’t pass web vital scores and your pages load slow and if your competitors site load faster than your competitor mitring higher than you. … Read more

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How to add Google Sitelinks and Pagelinks

sitelink schema markup

Want to add sitelink schema markup to your WordPress site, blog, and store? Look no further, I have helped hundreds of site owners by adding sitelink schema markup to their website. If you would like to improve your branding and build trust then adding sitelink will help Google showcase your most important pages to your … Read more

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