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Articles: Types and Uses

In this post we will learn what are Articles, how to use its, when to use tis, and how many types are they. What Are Articles? Articles are words that define a noun as specific or unspecific. There are three types of articles. A, an, the Articles: the before general concepts We use the before … Read more

Take off – Meaning & Uses

In this post we are going to learn Phrasal Verbs ‘Take off’ the phrasal verb ‘Take off’ is a vary versatile phrasal verb, with seven different meanings. How to Conjugate ‘Take off’ Infinitive : to take off Present Participle : taking off Past Tense : took off Pas Participle : taken off Take off # … Read more

Conjunction and it’s types for IELTS.

In this post we will know what is Conjunction and what are the types of Conjunction. And how to use Conjunctions in sentences. Now this question must have come in your mind that what is Conjunction? What is Conjunction? A Conjunction is a word that joins words and sentences together. Now let us first look … Read more

Countable and Uncountable Nouns, For IELTS

In this post we are going to learn, what is countable and uncountable noun ? Both countable and uncountable we shall learn with examples. And if you want to countable and uncountable nouns so, first you need to know what is noun. so!first we will going to know what is noun ? and then we … Read more


In this post we will learn when Capital Letters are used, and what is Punctuation and how many are these types, how to use it’s and when to use it Capital letters are used: •To begin a sentence.   For example:  He is playing hockey. • To begin the names and surnames of persons. For … Read more